Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nothing to talk abouty

Today is a bit hectic and I ahve not had time to think about anything other than how to get to midrand, How to get out of having to go to midrand and how much I hate midrand.
However since I have so many greeeeeeeeat new people to talp to I am gonna make a quick blog of it and swing by yours.
The below pics were mailed to me by Chaz under the title "stupid directors"

Peace out peeps


Glugster said...

What's wrong with Midrand? (And yes, I do live in Midrand!!!)

Love the pics!!! LOL

Nosjunkie said...

I get lost im Midrand.
Half of the roads anrn't on maps and murphy has made sure that every client I have is in those obscure roads.
I have been there three times this month and I have still not found Dale road

Odat said...

Those pics are just too funny!!!

angel said...

mwaaaaaaahahahahahaaaa... very funny!

angel said...

hey! you linked me!!! cool!!!

JR's Thumbprints said...

Can you direct me to Midland? Midland, Michigan.
Midland, Michigan, USA.

Oh, you said Midrand! I misunderstood you. Sorry.

The CEO said...

See how good things happen unless it's your garage that is having problems!

One day I'll make South Africa, not to be specific yet.

Peace out Lee!

Gremlin said...


Now that just show you ppl aren't perfect...