Friday, September 28, 2007

My dad and Facebook

I am an idiot.
rather than morning theloss of my reader base by boycotting facebook, what do I do?... I go and join in!
I have now been facebooking for four days and my educated opinion is that it is pointless and anoying. I have added 50 new applications and acumulated enough creeps to populated a small island.
Further more this loathsome silly thing keeps sending me alerst of the stupid applications people keep wanting me to add... and I cant stop it.

However since I have no audience I am able to post the following without serius scrutiny.

I read a while back about how to reach your spirit guid.
The whole process involves a verry long intense meditation.
I have been meditating like a tebetan monk for the past three months with very little luck.
I have concluded that I my mind has ADD.
I battled to clear my mind of everything, especially of the preconcieved ideas of what your spirit guide should look like.
When I was just gonna conclude that every religion has its cooks and the autor of that artical must have been the Pagan village idiot, when a thunderstorm hit Gauteng.
It was the rain that helped me.

Every piece I had ever read said that meditation comes with silance, however last night with the rain banging on my tim roof I stilled my mind and slipped into that never land of nothingness.
I saw many things, people and animals, they slipped into my mind and just as quickly slipped out. Each image was a thought that I couldnt hold onto.
After a while my dad came into view he walked towards me and came to sit, crossed legged, infront of me.
The image became more vivd as he rubbed his hands in the grass.

Thats it thats all that happened.
Kinda anticlimatical but weird non the less.

I believe that my spirit guid stroke guidian angel is my dad.
I believe he said nothing to me because I can hear him anyway and as any mortal I needed too see him.

If you think this is crap, let me know, your entitled to your opinion just dont start a religios fight with me, especially not if your gonna "Jesus Christ" me, I would hate to be responsibel for your loss of faith.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cars Girls and Rugby

The first time I had my Tarot read I was told that I had to get in touch with my feminine side.
Now as I typed the heading to this blog I realised that while your feminine side is your intuitive side (I turned to an esoteric way of life) the cards may have been meaning this literally.
So in my attempts to entice the chick in me I plan to go buy lots of shoes and put my make up on in traffic.
After that I will examine my relationship with everybody I know and do soul searching or whatever it is.
I have already tried to make Willem and DeWet go to the loo with me to no avail.

however let me explain the origin of the obscure heading.

having found a new job that pays enough to have my bank manager call me and accuse me of embezzlement I decided that I need a new ride.
I felt that I had elevated myself to standards where driving a car that has no aircon no audio and no shocks is no longer okay.
I dipped my toes in the auto market having great dreams of the cars, that in my past, I could only afford to write about.
I naturally gravitated to the Fiat stilo Abarth. Having 5 cylinders and 2.4l capacity and more luxury and geee-gooo's than most BMW's I was instantly in love. I filled in the papers and applied for the loan.
This is where my head kicked in.
The head of a penny pincher who has chosen a carrier in financing.
I realised the impact the repayment of this little hunny was gonna have on my new bank balance... I also realised that this is a second hand car and thus I may be buying the aftermath of someone Else's heavy foot.
My heart was bleeding for the stilo but my head was crunching numbers.
In the end I was driven to apply for two other options, one was a Polo 4 1.6.. The Polo was less fun less me and less expensive.
I also applied for finance on a Opel corsa 1.4 sport.
Now the Corsa is brand spanking new has all the gee-goos and is R50k cheep er than my first option.
The corsa also has big ass potential.
Now you see I was hoping that the banks would leave me with no other choice but to take the corsa and thus make this librans life easier.
However My man Murphy and I have not yet sorted out our differences and he made an appearance when the bank granted me loans for all three the cars.

So my head and my heart went forty rounds and in the end my logical stingy nature won through and I took the Corsa.
I told myself that at least I could have black.
I called the dealer and put in my order
Murphy had obviously still had a score to settle
"You cant have black" the salesman said "no black"
"okay I'll have blue or silver" I replied
"we have white" the salesman said and dissolved all illusions that I had about having choice when you buy a new car.
I now own an arctic white Corsa.
At least the hand break works.

On Friday it was my sisters birthday, So I spent the night with the girls for a change. However Laura has been attached to Willem for the past 6months and I haven't found out how to dis attach them yet. My sister was PMS'ing so I stayed away, besides I still want to kill her boyfriend so I thank god for small miracles. Kerry.... well Kerry is just Kerry. she pitched up in her cool ass punk outfit, insulted Willem, posed for pics then left.

On Saturday S.A played Tonga In the world cup.
Willem myself and Laura took up residence under the fan for the match and it wasn't long before I was swearing like old sailor with a boil on his but.
we won only just.....
and I have decided that I need anger management classes and someone to come take the remote out of the TV screen where its been lodged since Saturday
Bluddy Tonga

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


At around two in the afternoon my phone rang "Gummie bears" at me.
"Hallo" I answered and heard a bit of a spitting sound on the other end of the line and then my moms voice.
"Lee; Johaness is dead, I found him"
I responded with shock and dismay.

I am relating this to you to illustrate how random life is. And because talking and writing is my way of venting.
Since this happened yesterday the deamons that croud my mind are still roudy and lifely enough to make an impression.

Let me start at the verry beging.
Johaness is our gardener or "estate manager" as my dad used to call him.
He came to us 15 years ago looking for employment.
Johanness had grown up on a farm in "Hamanskraal" and had no formal education in his life.
He had grown up pre 1994 and perhaps his life was the result of the turbulant political climate of the time.
He was not a young man then and I will never forget Johaness solemly promising that he did not take to the drink and limited himself to one beer a day. We would latter establish that he infact did limit himself to 30 beers a month but neglected to mention his tendancy to consume al 30 beers in the 2 days after pay day.
My dad, having the strange sens of humar he did, found this very amusing and accepted the fact that Johaness was useless for at least the first 5 days after pay day.

Johaness spent a good chunk of his life on our plot and after he burnt the house he had built for himself down around him, my mother promptly moved him into a more stable, less flamible residance nearer to our house, so that she could keep an eye on him and make sure that he doesnt kill himself.

Johanes's favourite pas time was sawing wood.
He enjoyed this, above all, because it was work he could do sitting down and when the need arose he could rest his head on the bow saw for forty winks.
Naturally he would jump up and attack the wood with vigour the moment my moms car entered the driveway.

At some point my mother forced him to take leave as the law required it.
15 days of leasure were apointed to him and he was sent to his kaya (house) to serve them.
With Little grace Johaness retired to his enforced leave and we did not see him for a day.
On the second day he took a long strole around the garden and weeded here and there as whent (my mom also stopped him from weeding latter as he didn't know the diferance between a weed and a flower)
By the third day he was back at his wood chopping post swearing at every mention of leave that was suggested.
Something about damning the government to hell... and all that.

Mom also installed a coal stove in his house to make cooking easier on the old man.
the novilty of the contraption never caught on and he draged the drum fire back inside and proceeded the way he always had.

When he got sick mom took him to the doc who sugested he be put in hospital for observation.
Johanes registered his distaste in this sugestion by spitting and swearing at the doc.
I have never in my life understood a word the old zulu said as he has a verry high pitched voice and speakes a mix of afrikaans and zulu at the speed of summer lightning.
However my mom left the doc's room red faced with a perscription with the Johaness in tow shaking his head and waving his arms furiosly.
My dad thought that this was grand sport.

When Dad died, Johaness tore his cloths and cried as hard as any of us, before disapearing into the bushes for three days.
In a way I feel most sorry for him.
My dad had provided work and a home for him, he had no other family or familiers other than our family and he never registed as important in the moarning stages. After dad's death.
My mom gave Johaness my dad's old militry uniform and Johaness wore it ever Sunday after that.

A little while ago Johaness was forced into retirement.
My mom did not have the heart to make him move off the property as he had nowhere to go and no family or friends to take care of him.
She helped him open a bank acount to save his pention.
She bought his food making sure that he had meat and veggies.
When he had saved enough my mom helped him buy a bycicle.

However time was starting to weigh heavy on the body of a man who knew nothing of the world.
Johaness developed very high blood presure and respetory problems. Naturally he refused the hospital and my mom had to show him how to use an asthma pump.

On Thursday last week my mom and Hilton left for Durban Mom said goodbey to him and left him with strickt instructions as to when and how to take his med's.

On Saturday DW and walked around his house and herd his TV playing.
We presumed he was fine

Yesterday my mom when to greet the old man and give him some special meat she had braught from Upingtone and found him dead.

Mom said hes face had started to melt and mortify.
the coriner said he must have been dead for 4 days by then.

We are arranging for him to be buiried but there is no body to tel.

Monday, September 17, 2007

What Kind of Movie would my life be

I found this on Etains Blog and tried it out

The Movie Of Your Life Is An Indie Flick

You do things your own way - and it's made for colorful times.
Your life hasn't turned out how anyone expected, thank goodness!

Your best movie matches: Clerks, Garden State, Napoleon Dynamite

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Blogging without obligation"

My return to cyber space has been marred by the fact that some terrible plague has ravaged the planes of the net, reducing S.A. blogger to a near trickle.
This must have happened around June as the last post date like tomb stones.
I agree that I am not exempt from blame as my absence left my very own blog in a state of ruin.
Anyway I have missed my blog so much, I can no longer stand having all my alter egos banging for an outlet all at once, the noise is just unbearable.

So I have decided that I will keep blogging regardless of weather anybody reads it or not, I am in the process of convincing myself that if nobody reads it I have no reason to maintain a reader base and can, thus, write and post whatever tickles my fancy. Not that I wasn't inclined to do that in the first place.

I may even invite my family to read it, however the prospect of being disinherited and giving my grandad a heart attack is deterring me from that rout.
while my family is well aware of the fact that I am as stable as a Molotov cocktail they might not yet have grasped the extent of my impediment.
I also fear that my spelling my encourage them to send me back to the seats of higher learning.

I can now post more of my poetry.
In the past I refrained from posting alot of my works because ultimately it makes for bad conversation pieces in the comments.
I can run around posting just pics if I so choose or post more than once a day.

By the way I have also payed some attention to the right hand space on my screen, I intend to fill that space up and my newest addition is a virtual fish tank.
I have three 80's inspired fish swimming around my screen, I call then Stinky,Scab and Bill. go click on them, their cool.

Ag who am I kidding I am a people person I want my blog buddies back!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This is Etain.
Etain is my blogger buddy and she is also one of the most talented young writers I know.
So Today I want you guys to do two things for me .
one: click the link BOO on the right hand side of this page, the link will direct you to her blog where you can read some of her work.
Two: go to and vote for her entry.
This will only take a little while and in the end you will be able to pat yourself on the back for doing your bit to make Etain's dreams of being a big deal writer come true.

By the way the last time I checked Etain was ahead in the competition so at least your backing a winner


Monday, September 10, 2007

Babies Back

It is amazing how much can change in just a small while.
I have been gone from our small little blogging community for only a little while and so much has changed.
I suppose the most obvious change is the migration from Blogging to Face book.
I have missed my blog so much and am not yet enchanted by the face book rage so I am gonna hang out here a little while longer.
Please note that I am in no way stating that I will never go Face book because I also thought blogging was stupid at some point.

I have also changed and since I saw you guys last I have added a very significant piece of jewelry to my person.
yes ladies and germs the Stiffla and I have gotten engaged and in a little more than a year we will be married.
Naturally Grem and the boys were at hand to celebrate the occasion with the needed vigour.
my conversion to full blown Noe pagan is complete. its been coming for a long time and I have finally admitted it.
I am now occupying my second job and this is the reason for my return to the cyber world.
its almost an office job but not quite.
I am still in financing and I still do home loans but now I also facilitate rental financing for anything from office automation to potter potties

I love my new job even though its in bedford view and I have to brave giloolies every day.

either way thats me for now I will post some pics of the ring and the house and stuff soon
And just to let you know that I have not missed that many of your posts. I have tried to read as much as I could even thought the speed on my GPRS was to slow to post.

Love you all lots and I am so glad to be back