Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Ladies, Gentlemen and all those in-between.
The move is complete.
The mortgage is approved and we have done some prelim decorations.
I will hold onto my blog here because I am sentimental
Will has deleted his
And soon you guys will meet Stiffy
Please go have a look… I have posted the meme from Gluggs there.
WE ARE AT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008


I want your opinion…
Will Stiffla and I have been thinking about moving to Wordpress and starting a communal blog between myself Stiffla and Will.
I want to go because you can do more stuff with it
Will wants to go because he doesn’t have a hell of a lot of time to post daily and if the blog is communal there will at least be something up everyday.
Stiffla wants to go because blogger has deleted two of his blogs already and he is too scared to try and start another one lest the same happens.
What do you guys think about it

Friday, February 08, 2008

50 Things about me

Sweet ass tagged me to write 50 things about me
I have already doen 100 things so if I mentioned some things here that were mentioned before and you noticed it you read my blog to often and you sould get help.
Here goes.

1) I like old book shops I love the way they feel
2) I love old books in general because of how the paper smells you know that mothy dusty smell
3) I am a hopeless romantic at heart. I never show it but I would love to be swept of my feet with something other than an actual broom
4) My slight addiction to oblivion has resurfaced with the release of shivering isles
5) I have never been overseas… never even set foot out of the country
6) I am obsessed with Egyptian myth and history
7) Come to think of it I am obsessed with History
8) I cannot stand being alone. I listen to 702 nowadays so that I can pretend I have people around me when I go on long trips
9) I love Stiffla to bits but I hate his car. Its lovely and fast but it costs him a fortune to maintain and we are trying to finish a house.
10) I love to dance… if I could afford it I would go dancing every single night
11) I am developing a girly obsession with the way I look and I think it has to do with the work I do
12) I am not tolerant of peoples insecurities
13) I have always been a bad speller and I have never ever made an effort to better it. Apparently my spelling should be better than it is because I read like hell.
14) I haven’t been to gym all week and its eating me up its like I can feel the fat grow on me
15) I feel guilty about spending money on myself but spend a fortune on Stiffla without a thought
16) I miss my little sister deeply. She never spends any time with us anymore because I hate her boyfriend, he also doesn’t let her hang out with us because my friends are guys and she’s not allowed to be around guys
17) I think that’s fucked up
18) I swear like a sailor
19) I love hubbly bubbly
20) If I meat target this year I win a trip to Dubai
21) I am getting married at home
22) I read Meave Binchy when I don’t want to make an effort… she writes watered down feel good stuff but does it really well because she starts her characters as kids and then writes their whole life
23) I check the progress of the Angels and daemons movie every two weeks or so.
24) I own fewer pair of shoes than Will
25) I have ugly toes and good looking hands
26) I love Benoni and I don’t get why people think its naf
27) I would rather shower than bath
28) I love woolies food and secretly wish I was enough of a coogle to only shop there
29) In June I am gonna try distance learning again and start my degree in banking
30) I owe my last boss R3000 to pay back my retainer
31) I like looking at my boobs the gyming has done some good stuff for them
32) I delete all e-mails that say if you love god or if you have a heart without reading them
33) I believe in magic
34) I love giving gifts
35) The fact that this time next year I’ll be married creeps me out
36) I have this sneaky suspicion I will be pregnant right after the wedding
37) I am broody, can you tell
38) I want to have boys.
39) I am running out of stuff to say here
40) When I was a kid I poked a hole in my sisters check with a wire coat hanger, broke her arm and saved her from drowning in the fishpond
41) My family never mentions that I saved her
42) I wish I had a desk job
43) I don’t hate pink I just don’t wear or use it on principle…. I feel it represents the dumb woman movement.
44) I hate minibus taxis almost as much as I hate my sisters boyfriend
45) I am over being pissed at my step dad I don’t like him but it just doesn’t matter anymore
46) I am bad at sports and I cant stand people who get competitive when we play for fun cos I am there for the fun of it
47) I hate sweet potatoes
48) I love debonair double stack cheesy pepperoni pizza
49) I like tomato cocktail more than any other drink and people think its disgusting
50) Sometimes I want to go all out goth and go hang out at gospel CD shops

Thursday, February 07, 2008


They say that men are like wine and they only get better with age.
They also say that there’s an exception to every rule….
That exception lives with me and he hasn’t shaved his mug for three days.
On Sunday the 10th of February Will is turning Twenty years old and will be entering his last year of blissful bullshit before Twenty one turns him into an adult (yes I am hoping for a miraculous 360)

We are going to spend the day at Nkwe provided that the rain plays the game and if anybody would like to come along you are more than welcome.

However if you can’t join us please feel free to spam Will with text messages all day Sunday
This is his cell number 071 493 0489


I think I am being boycotted, either that or the residance of blog street have all come down with a flesh eating virus
god I hope its the virus I just couldnt stand not being liked.
Yest I know I know I havent been the hottest commenter either.
I always start at the top of my blogroll and work my way down and lately I havent had time to visit everybody so if your at the bottom like poor old sweet ass dont worry I am gonna start from the bottom from now on.
Has anybody noticed that the spell checker doesnt work

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Runn Of The Mill Cooking Injury

The long serious post flew out the window when a snotty mucussy cold and a typek box of work walked in the door.
I considered putting my head to it again at about 9 this morning but since the Kitty-rats are fast becoming hyperactive-noisy-nocturnal-bed invading-little brats I have not had much sleep and listening to myself drone on about politics and crap would put me to sleep in half a heartbeat so I decided to spare you another round.

Last night I went into my first full on Eskom bitching parade.
The injury Eskom’s load shedding did to my ego is irreparable and I doubt that I will ever live it down.
The fact is that while seeing people run on a treadmill may be an everyday sight, seeing someone run into a treadmill is not…
Yes ladies and gents that’s me
There I am having my brisk (very brisk) afternoon run in a slightly packed gym when dear old Escom cuts the power in mid step.
The treadmill stops abruptly and my next (unavoidable footfall) sends me careering into the keypad thingie.
While the darkness hid most of my undignified cloths lining the all mighty thud was not drowned by the chorus of “oh fuck” that is a South-Africans immediate reaction to any power cut.
I am not going back tonight and I am changing my eye color and growing facial hair in hopes that when I return I will not be recognized… mind you the operation pad lodged in my chest may belie my identity just a smidge.

Will is cooking tonight (they grow up so fast).
My bitching and moaning that he is as useful as a carpet weevil has finally made an impression on him… and he is making an effort to learn to cook.
The other day he made cottage pie using instructions I provided over MSN.
After this dish I have realized that it is not so much the skill that is lacking as is the theory and terminology.
Thunder stick: The stick like vibrator looking thing that says thunder stick on the side.
Electric mixer: the other mixer thing that looks like a power drill.
Note to self: find MSN that allows one to draw pictures for people.
I am of coarse exaggerating. It wasn’t that bad aside from the mash that was lumpy because the wrong apparatus was used, all that pissed me off was the fact that a double batch of mince was made instead of putting the freekin stuff in a dish proportional to the amount of food made.

Tonight is Curry night and I will be there to supervise and provide a never ending supply of insults.
Stiffla once made stew and tried to thicken the stuff using curry powder but instead of trying something different when it didn’t thicken he just kept adding more until the packet was empty and the curry would no longer dissolve.
We were left with a sticky mush mash that tasted like hot dust.

Anyway if I don’t post or comment tomorrow you’ll know I succumbed to Wills cooking