Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Photo blog

Hey there guys

This is just to let you guys know that I have started a Photo-blog you can find it at You will see that this blog has a new template and is the only evidence of my successfully blog modification.

I will post all the extra pics of everything there so you can see

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Buddha Got the wrong adress

Just when you guys thought that you were rid of me I return from the mind boggling depths of blog templates to regale you with a another of my dull-as dogs-water stories.
By this time you know that I do believe in the devine but unlike Christians I dont believe in a text book version of a devine being, I believe that each believe system in their own possesses a element of truth and I will never presume to tell a person that their god is not the true god.
I respect all peoples and their believes and strive to better understand the religions of the world.
It is for this reason that on occasion I visit a Chinese temple near Bronkhorstspruit. Its a beautifully serene place and when you walk the Hals of the beautifull buildings you feel like you have been transported to another place and time.
This weekend I took Stiffla, the Grem and Joan down there as they toO are fascinated by the culture.
Whilst there, I was prompted by a monk to offer my name to the Buddha of meditation. I was given a slip of intricately folded paper to keep in my I.D book, and had to write my name on another slip and lay it at the Buddhas feet.
I was told that the Buddha would now smile on me and bring me good fortune.
It was a nice tradition but I believe that the Buddha got the wrong address when delivering his good fortune because the very next day Stiffla received word that he had won an x-box 360 in a competition
Lucky bastard
Anyway we dedicated the rest of the day to eastern culture and ate at a Chinese restaurant with chop sticks.
I have pics that I will post up soon for your enjoyment
PS: The said temple will be celebrating their new year on the 18th of feb. Those who can make it should come and see.
Its gonna be fun.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


There are a few questions that will burden the minds of man for years to come such as:
-Why is abbreviation such a long word
-Is the pope a Catholic
-whats better to scratch in, your nose or your year
and last but not least
-how the hell do you load a different template to your blog without screwing everything up?
It is the latter that has of late had me pulling my hair from its follicles.
I am no computer junkie and to date my HTML knowledge is limited to how to cut and paste code to places where it says HTML CODE HERE!
I have found one or two templates that are to my liking and I saved these until such time as I am able to load them to my blog correctly.
I have followed the blogger instructions and still messed it up.
So I need help!
give me a hand guys !

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It pays

Stiffla and I have been together for close to a year now. We live together and are the proud parents of two spoilt cats.
But when it comes to financial arrangements we don't let love and emotion cloud better judgements.
All our joint expenses are split right down the middle, we share costs such as rent, groceries and utilities.
Each of us are responsible for our personal costs such as medical aids and petrol.

But what happens when established lines have not been drawn?
Picture this....
First date, You've just finished dinner and the bill arrives at your table.
What do you do.
Its the twenty first century after all so does the guy pay does the girl pay or do you split the bill.
Personally I think splitting the bill on the first date is tacky, I do believe though that the girl should offer to pay.
So this is the dilemma!
I understand that many girls will declare that they don't mind to pay and quite honestly neither do I but if I were really presented with a situation where your date sat and actually worked out my share of the bill I may think twice before accepting an offer for a second date.

My solution is that the person who suggests the activity should bare the financial burden. but that's just me...
Tel me what you guys think or let me know if you have ever been caught in that situation.
I especially want the guys opinion on it

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Behind the Veil

I am a woman and proud to be.
I went to school and got an education as it was a right my great grand mother fought for.
I vote at every election as I know there are many woman who are still denied the right to have a say in their country's (and ultimately their own) future.
I am the equal of my male counterpart and I will not be oppressed.
I have freedom to dress as I please and say what I mean without the fear of persecution.

As I triumphantly make this declaration, I realise how often and easily one takes these simple rights for granted, and today as I read again the story of Jamila I was urged to slap myself on the writs for being as inconsiderate.

Jamila was an Afghan woman who attempted to flee her home with an male stranger. Unfortunately Jamila was caught in the act by her husband and charged with adultery.
Sadly Afghanistan was still bent under Taliban law and Jamila was sentenced to death by stoning.
Her death was slow we can only imagine excruciatingly painfully.
Her husband who had shot and killed Jamilas alleged lover would only spend 12 years in prison.

During the time of Taliban rule ,that only recently ended in 2001, the laws woman had to abide by surpassed any opression I have ever heard of.
Woman were forced to where a Barqu which covered them from head to toe and only provided a Small patch of mesh-like material to see through.
A woman who unveiled her face or ankles could face a prison sentence.
Woman were prohibited from walking the towns unescorted and were not allowed to work or go to school.
In war torn Afghanistan woman who were widowed had to resort to begging to support themselves and their families.

Now years latter the laws have changed but actual change is slow and hundreds of girls and woman are still living in unthinkable conditions.
Many have missed years of schooling and many of the woman in the country are illiterate.

This is my happy thought for the day.
I can read, I can vote, I can work, I have rights and my children will be born to a world where they have the same privileges.
No matter how bad things are in South-Africa we should always remember that they can be so much worse

Peace out Peeps

Monday, January 22, 2007

Blogg Whore

I have been threatening to do this for a while... So this morning I flaked (all resistance crumbled) and I made the list...
I am currently updating my link list as there are a few blogs that I would like to share with you guys.
You see I am a bit of a blog whore and when I have the time I surf everybody's links and in doing so I have found a few really interesting people with great stories to tel.
I am gonna add them all to my link list and perhaps they will become part of your daily blog requirements too.

PS: I promise to write a real blog when I'm done

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Check the worry in my eye

I woke up this morning thinking that it was Friday and the realisation that my very long and uninteresting week had not yet reached its end, momentarily tainted my usual bubbly state of mind.
I needed happy thoughts and so I dug deep and counted my blessings.....
Perhaps I am lucky as I was able to name the following among my morning happy thoughts
-I woke up with all my toes in tact " very unlike my poor sister who had a very difficult night"
-I woke up next to a very lazy pussycat and good old Stiffla (the proverbial boy in a mans body) my little family... and I don't even mind the morning breath that much.
-I woke up.....
I plan to try and do this every morning for as long as I can remember to stick to the resolution (3 hours and counting).

On principle I find new years resolutions a rather odd tradition and so I am boycotting it by making my resolutions at odd times in the year.
Thus far I have come up with the following....
yesterday I decided that I was going to put a big red "occupied" sighn on the only ladies room in the office to deter the pregnant girl who has taken up permanent residence in the lone lavatory. This may seem silly but I have a bladder the size of an atom and its hard to blog when your eyes are watery!
Today I have decided too seek other employment... I am basing my job hunt on a very simple criteria..."money".
While I realise that this is a very materialistic basis to aim my professional ambitions on I realise that I am shallow enough to equate money with success.
Tomorrow I will resolve to find a girlfriend. Thus far I have struck the noisy chick with the unhealthy cat obsession from the list of possible candidates and due to definition logistics was also forced to disregard the Grem.
I am not however terribly phased about the success of this venture for reasons pertaining to my personality and the fact that I can always step on my sisters toe and make her go dancing with me (she can bounce on her crutches and be a conversation piece).
By now you must be wondering what the hell the title of this blog has to do with the actual content.
My answer my friend is nothing unless of course you fancy yourself a deep profound individual who can distract meaning from my nonsense (too you "Good luck")
I just liked the pic so the title came from that and the words are the direct result of the effects boredom and a serious need to take a leak has on a sober mind.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lil sisster

I feel like dirt!
I know that this is not exactly the kind of statement that one expects from me but today I feel like dirt!
The reason for this very unusual state of emotion is because my hands are cut and I can do nothing to help.
This all may seem like irrelevant ramblings so I will explain my predicament.
I was informed yesterday that despite the best efforts of many specialist My little sister would have to undergo and operation to amputate part of her second toe.
The infection that was causing the bone in her toe to split could not be stopped and amputation was her only option.
With this knowledge and knowing that she would be starting varsity at the end of the month it was decided that the opp was to be done at the earliest possible date....."today".
I spoke to her yesterday and all she could say was that she was scared.
This is not something you hear out the mouth of a plot hardened Parker girl often but even so the point didn't hit home until a few minuets ago.
A few moments ago a glance at the time told me that Crystal (My sister "nice name I know") should be out of theatre by now and being the considerate person I am I dialed my moms number to hear how it went.... that's when it started....My timing was malignant; I had called only moments after Crystal had woken up and she was in pain.
Past my moms voice I could hear my little sister crying and so I cried.
I cried because in that moment the sister that teases me because I am shorter than she is, who is all of 18 years old and starts studying biocenetics in a few days, became a child again.
She was hurt and confused from anesthetic and I couldn't help.
I cried because I didn't take colleagues advice and take the day off and go to the hospital.
I cried because regardless of how much we fight and how terrible we can be to one another, shes My little sister and will always be my charge.
So here I sit counting the minutes to 16:30 so that I can go down to the hospital and make sure she gets to go home tonight even if it has to be under the threat of a doctors life......
Sorry you had to sit through that but this is me "dirt" love me or leave me.
Ill post some gruesome pics to make up for it
Peace out Peeps

Monday, January 15, 2007

Regardless of the fact that I have had almost nothing to with my long days at work for the past two weeks, I have been very unable to string three words together and create a blog that is worth the read.
This is partly because I have a new favourite writer and have been glued to Angels and demons for the past three days and to DA Vinci code before that.
These great books have had a great influence on my believe matrix.
I have always questioned the Church as an institution but I have now been driven to actually research the matter and form a founded opinion.
This also is a problem as thoughts on religious history and doctrine are causing me serious writers block and I have not been able to write a single good car article and I have deadlines looming in the near future.

I have just read what I have written and if you log out of this page at this point I don't blame you....This stuffs boring.
For the remaining suckers for punishment.....
We have two running projects (besides the looming launch) that are costing us amazing amounts of cash and time.
We have as yet only partially finished one room in the house and I now also have a 1985 VW Golf that needs an attitude overall.
I must confess, though, that I don't mind the demand for my time as much as I mind the terribly negative influence that the house and car have had on my tragic financial situation.
I have thus come to the calculated conclusion that, while 2007 has the potential of turning out better than it's predecessor, its going to be a very very broke year.
That said I think I should have a long talk with the providers of my monthly hush money.
I promise to provide a play by play on the progress the Golf and the cottage makes, however slow this may be.
Damn I have nothing els to say
nah nothing !
peace out peeps

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Our little holiday

All good things come to an end ,as they say, and this ,sadly, includes the silly season.
It is the third of January and I ,unlike many of my fellow bloggers, am back at the bullshit factory.
I do admit that since it is still very early in the year I have very little to do and as such plan to torture you lot with a long blog, or I 'll attempt to at best.

Our little holiday started off with a trip to warm baths. So on the 16th of December we packed half a bottlestore and five good friends into Sriffla's OPC and off we went. We had a good singalong in the car as the chosen sound track ranged from "Snot kop" to " System of the down" and the fact that I am now forbidden from bursting into song for any reason is irrelavant!
On arrival at Forever resorts the in keeper- being a delicate fellow- immediately assessed various states of psychopathic behaviour and forthwith assigned us to a bungalow as far away from the general population of holiday makers as he possibly could.
Luckily the lone structure had an air conditioner and it didn't take too long to vacate the warthog from our front door.
With the Warthog perangulating to some other poor buggers front lawn we settled in, and by settling in I mean we moved all the utensil's out the Kitchen so that there was ample space to house our supplies (definition of supplies: 12 Heineken, 12 Bavaria, 1 bottle current absolute vodka, 1 bottle red wine, 1bottle jack Daniels, 1 bottle spiced gold, 1 bottle stoh rum) and turning the Air con to "ice age".

The rest of the warmbaths expedition was spent in and around any of the various water activities that makes the resort a popular destination. Stiffla and Juan spent a lot of time racing one another down the speed slides until the life guards chased them away for scaring the children after which he and Dirk purchased children's floating devices and tried to fool the life guard at the super slides. they failed dismally and sulked over a bear .
All this while my sister and I tried hard to disassociate ourselves from these Hillbillies.
The evenings we laced with many drinking games and hubbly smoke.

And just to prove that what I am saying is no exaggeration I am going to proved photographic evidence to support .

Stiffla and Dirk "Brain wave activity not detected"

I rest my case

Some unknown woman that kept jumping in front of the lens

My little sister "Crystal"

The group

Christmas Day

Now I believe that I have mentioned my families rather disturbing obsession with Christmas, but in case the point didn't hit home I intend to illustrate the fact.
For Christmas Myself Stiffla and the Grem relocated to a 14acre garden my mother and sister call home, there we were enlisted to help smoke Christmas gammon cook tongue and mix Salmon mouse. There were few objections to this task as the threat of having to mow all 14 acres of ankle high lawn loomed in the back round.

On Christmas morning we did the Gift giving thing under my moms 2meter high Christmas tree. Stiffla got given toys and has as yet not stopped nagging me to play Cricket or chess or darts with him, Boys will be Boys right.

Christmas Lunch was the big event of the day, My family traditionally serves a cold lunch as midday heat in December generally cripples you over a hot meal. So a table was set with cold salads smoked meats Cornish game hen and crackers.

We ate We drank and we were merry.

After lunch people became sluggish beings and either went to sleep or played with their Christmas presents.

Have a look!

The Christmas tree and gifts

This is the hoard at lunch. The two at the head of the table are my mother and her husband. The Couple on the left are my sister and Rudi (Rudi is the flavour of the week who became her steady boyfriend) To the right is Stiffla and the head in the centre is Grem in all him Glory

I had to add this as it is possibly the only nice-ish photo ever taken of Stiffla and I (pardon the sunburn)

Stiffla and Grem playing chess

That's it then. I hope that all of you had as great a time as I did and that all of you have returned safely to the seats of higher blogging