Thursday, October 26, 2006

Double up

Greetings and salutations, on this fine Friday morning.
Yesterday truly was fun!
There's nothing like a good old pointless fight to get the blood boiling.... um I mean Pumping.
So in the spirit of stirring shit, I fully intend to pick another fight today, However this time I'm keeping it general so all of us can participate in the mud slinging match.
I deliberated on the topic of discussion for hours, I leaned towards Evolution, but Naps and I have had that fight and neither of us have had our opinion swayed.
Then I thought of woman's Liberation but I figure that Aussie religious icon has kicked up enough dust.
And then It came upon me like a randy elephant.
One of the most controversial subjects of our modern world, its made headlines on neumourise occasions, and disturbed humanities moral thinking.
Now we ask ourselves weather its our right to create these copies from the one thing that truly makes us individuals... DNA...
The churches have risen to outrage, claiming that the practice is sin full and outrageous in the eyes of the all mighty.
And on the other side of the spectrum are couples who cant have children due to infertility or hereditary desease welcoming the idea of being able to carry and bare a child of their own.
Then theres the logistic problems.
What DNA is released for cloning?
The social aspect as discussed in the novel "Wicker", will a clones personality resemble that of the DNA donors?
Or do you not have an opinion?
Personally I am divided
We can create a human but we can't create a soul and that is ultimately what makes us human.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

That which was broken

I have 3022 e-mails in my deleted items box, this is because my good friend Murphy always used to say "The moment you get rid of something will be the moment you need it for the first time".

I have had many a fight with this man Murphy and have as yet not won a single one. I believe that it in the spirit of learning from my own mistakes that I never permanently delete my e-mails.

Of late I have discovered that my antiquated e-mails make for good reading.

as I clicked through these cyber footprints of my life I was allowed to experience a world that has long since abandon me.

I read long e-mails from DW and AL planing our weekends and then remember movie marathon weekends during which we bankrupted Debonair and spend whole days watching "Star wars" "Matrix" "Lord of the Rings" "harry Potter" or whatever was our poison of choice that day.

I remember Myself Grem DW AL and Vee all falling asleep on DW bed one night.

Then there were the Tuesday and Friday e-mails. These mails contained exclamations of anticipation for the races ahead.

These e-mails bring back memories of Wesbank on scorching summer days.

They remind me of drinks after work in the back yard.

they remind me of Parties during which Naps would start stripping for no discernible reason.

The remind me of drinking beer under water on Christmas day... Why? why not?

But most of all they remind me of friends I no longer have and a time that was too short lived.

The reason for our estrangement is a storey too long for this post but I have apologised for my part in the game, and I believe that after 7 months its time for reconciliation.

The funny thing about the delete button on your explorer thingie is that you don't truly erase the mails, you just put them away for safe keeping.

Friends are like that too, I believe, Never gone just in another place.
So to all my good old friends, This is me holding out a hand.
Some of the broken stuff can still be fixed.
Just remember the good old days and youl see that its too high a price to pay

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


A little more than a year ago I woke up, as I would on any other Sunday morning and went about my house work as any other morning.
Not for a moment did I think that By nine o clock I would be spread out on a streatcher on the tar road.
That day I was involved in a car accident that killed two people.
I had gotten engadged three weeks before and not for a moment did I imagine then that I would mourning my fancies death

My point is that life is fragile and we seldom appreciate this fact.
Today I challenge everybody to write down what you would like people to say at your funeral
and then try to live up to it

I'll start

Of all things I will remember about Lee, I will always remember that she was a happy person. She always seemed to be smiling.
She had a great spirit and held her head up high in the face of great adversity.
she was mindful of those around her and while she had her moments as we all do she couldn't hold a grudge too long
Lee was above all
a great friend
a great daughter
and a loving companion
May she rest in peace.

Now you do it
write it in the comments
put it on your blog and pass it on as it was passed down to me
Then live it!

Monday, October 16, 2006


On the 14th day of the month of October in the year 2006. Lee celebrated the 21 aneversary of her birth, and on this day the Majy bestowed gifts of pleasure upon her.

Yes Peeps I turned 21 on saturday. And though all of this sounds very formal, I celebrated my birthday around a Braai fire. And the Majy came in the form of my friends and the gifts of pleasure well....

The Grem gave me a Vibrator that I am sure was a police batton in a former life.

Juan Andre Mandy and Gareth Gave me a bottle of Shnapps a cat whip and a dummy in the form of a male sex organ.

DW got me the full first season of Lost on DVD and a book that I already have (though that counts)

My mom and My sister gave me a digital camera that DW has still been playing with, I am convinced that by this time he can make coffy with it. This is a great gift as I can now post more pics on the Blog

It was all great fun and I was very sad when everybody retired at 03:30 on sunday morning.

A great big thank you goes out to everybody who was there. An even bigger thanks goes to DW and my mom for the party that they kept a secret from me.

I Love you guys lots

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Hey look at me!

Live and wired! This is my first blog and its taken me a whole day to create, because I am an idiot when it comes to anything computer related.

My personal profile sucks, to say the least, this due to the above mentioned computer impediment I suffer from.

so for now I 'l give you some insight into the creature that is Lee

I am very almost 21 years old and to the best of my knowlige I am female. I promise to update my profile with the other boring stuff.

I am also the ultimate unlimited car freak I love them all and respect them all. Big small old if its got an engine and wheels its got my snaps.

I cut my car teeth building up Uno Turbos. And by the time I reached 18 I had been 50% of a team that built a 14 hundred uno turbo right up into the early 15 seconds and late 140 dB.

The end of the Uno's story is a sad one, on which I will elaborate at a latter stage.

My current big car interest is a Opel astra OPC. And I am not talking bout the lame looking new vectra shapes. Oh no this baby is a limited edition, one of only 150 in our country, and man is she a hotty

While I cant lay claim to being the owner of this tar eating monster I can lay claim on being the owners girlfriend (and if you own the guy the rest is just paper work).

This brings me to the next point of discution.

My boyfriend.

We call him Stiffla or Dark Wing. He's and idiot but I love him

Stiffla has had some of the hottest cars I've seen, he's also got the best ass I ve seen in my life but thats a different story.

This brings me to another promise. This time to post pics of he's cars both past and present

so thats it then