Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Hey look at me!

Live and wired! This is my first blog and its taken me a whole day to create, because I am an idiot when it comes to anything computer related.

My personal profile sucks, to say the least, this due to the above mentioned computer impediment I suffer from.

so for now I 'l give you some insight into the creature that is Lee

I am very almost 21 years old and to the best of my knowlige I am female. I promise to update my profile with the other boring stuff.

I am also the ultimate unlimited car freak I love them all and respect them all. Big small old if its got an engine and wheels its got my snaps.

I cut my car teeth building up Uno Turbos. And by the time I reached 18 I had been 50% of a team that built a 14 hundred uno turbo right up into the early 15 seconds and late 140 dB.

The end of the Uno's story is a sad one, on which I will elaborate at a latter stage.

My current big car interest is a Opel astra OPC. And I am not talking bout the lame looking new vectra shapes. Oh no this baby is a limited edition, one of only 150 in our country, and man is she a hotty

While I cant lay claim to being the owner of this tar eating monster I can lay claim on being the owners girlfriend (and if you own the guy the rest is just paper work).

This brings me to the next point of discution.

My boyfriend.

We call him Stiffla or Dark Wing. He's and idiot but I love him

Stiffla has had some of the hottest cars I've seen, he's also got the best ass I ve seen in my life but thats a different story.

This brings me to another promise. This time to post pics of he's cars both past and present

so thats it then



nosjunkie said...

why is this stuff green

Gremlin said...

Hay Lee.

Nice to see ya here, and a big suprise to see ya here. Whats Green???

Can wait for your blogs, You got the talent so me glad that you decided to blog. Will keep my eye out for the update's.

O and yeah D's ass looks beter than yours... hehe... Just joking!

SaM-GiRL said...

LOL!! gremmie, ek wil biki meer weet oor daai gay incident waaroor jy gepraat het op skank se blog, jy laat my worry! lol! nice blog lee.

Gremlin said...

HEHE Beautiful.

Sal jou dalk eendag vertel, hang af hoe mooit jy vra, Sal jou vertel hoe lyk hell... hehe

Don't worry ek like chicks en nie mans nie, D is maar net my B*$#

Gremlin said...

Hay Lee.

I think its time for a update...

Tash-Baby said...

Hey Lee....Great Blog