Wednesday, December 19, 2007

a bit bussy

I know I know...
I am MIA but with very good reason.
I have been helping out in the admin office as most of the staff have left for the holidays I have been having a whole helluve lot of fun because I am good at admin.
I have realised that the admin staff work a helluve lot harder than anybody els in this place...
so go give your admin staf a hug they work harder than youand get paid less

Thursday, December 13, 2007

100 things you didn't need to know about me

The fact that all my clients have gone on leave has left me board and with nobody to pester.
So instead of writing the book Will and I are working on I have decided to follow the crowd for the third time in my life and compile my very own 100 things about me list.

1) I was born at around twelve in the afternoon on the 14th of October 1985 at st Maries maternity hospital in Springs. Only a few hours after my cuz who was born in the same hospital causing a serious confusion concerning what Mrs. Parker was en labor when.
2) This is only the second point on this list and I am already starting to doubt how interesting I really am
3) I went to Northmead primary school where I was a popular as bread mold. I had three best friends, and I am still in contact with two of them but it is more than apparent that we have grown apart
4) I spent my High school years at Noorderlig where the fact that I don’t look like bread mold sourced more than my fair share of male attention and I was termed popular until I beat a grade 11 up in my grade 8 year and I developed a reputation. After that I did not lose the male vote but woman walked circles around me and still do
5) I like cars. No you don’t understand I love cars like people love their families. My car has a name and I cried the day I saw a Shelby GT500 in the metal. I shit you not. I also used to write for a car web sight and I have intended posting my articles up for ages but haven’t gotten around to it.
6) I sing all the damn time. Gremlin is as far as I know the only person who likes it. Christmas carols are my songs of choice and I have no qualms about singing them all year round. Grem said it made the house sound happy.
7) I had my first poem published at the age of 13
8) I lost my virginity at 14 to a virgin who was too old for me.
9) I can’t orgasm during sex. I don’t know why but I don’t really care either. The bright side is that I can fake it like no other woman. I have read that it is not an uncommon problem though
10) I think I am bi-sexual. I made out with two of my girlfriends (and went to third base with one of them) and actually enjoyed it. I like lesbian porn and am attracted to woman… but only uber uber hot woman.
11) I cant believe I actually shared that
12) I am getting married to DeWet Gerber (Stiffla) in December 2008. We went to the same high school but can’t remember one another. I also thought he was an idiot when I met him.
13) The first guy I ever kissed had bad breath. But I was so desperate to get kissed that I didn’t care.
14) I have had two vibrators in my life. I didn’t buy either. The first was a skinny little pink thing. The guy who bought it was afraid that I may prefer the vibrator to him. The other is a very well publicized see-through, thick, glittery, wrinkly thing that Grem gave me for my 21st birthday it really is very funny and I have pictures of all my guy friends playing with it.
15) Will isn’t my real brother, He is Stiffla’s youngest brother but if I did have a brother I would like him to be like Will only less obnoxious.
16) I have a sister, a younger sister who is my complete opposite, she’s tall I’m short, she runs from libraries screaming with fear, I spend whole days there, she likes pink I hate it, she likes her boyfriend I hate him, she likes sport I find excuses.
17) My Dad was my hero and still is even after his passing when I was 16. he was a teacher and without a doubt the most intelligent and fun person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing
18) It was only after he died that my mother and I were forced to like one another. My mom and dad never had a fight in their whole marriage. Sure they got annoyed but were always able to talk about it. This was mainly due to the fact that my dad didn’t have a temper and couldn’t get angry no matter how hard you tried. An attribute that I unfortunately didn’t get.
19) I don’t like my step dad, and not because his my step dad but because as a person he pisses me off. I don’t have step kid syndrome and this has nothing to do with my dad.
20) I haven’t shaved my legs in a week
21) I am the only person of my generation, it seems, who doesn’t like transformers, kong pow and superman oh and spider man 3
22) I like to talk dirty and do it quite well if I do say so myself its sexy and I like it.
23) You can tell me I am ugly, you can tell me I’m fat (and Will quite frequently does) but insult my intelligence and you have one helluva a fight on your hands
24) I have the most annoying voice and laugh. I can break glass I swear .
25) Speaking of swearing….I do that a lot… really a lot. I swear like a sailor but cannot say that hideous Afrikaans word that starts with a P
26) I love to read
27) I love Lost so much, it’s unhealthy. I have all the available seasons on DVD and it’s an addiction that has given me serious crush on Sawyer
28) I also love ALO-ALO “liston vergy carfully I will say dis only once”
29) Apparently I flirt with all men. APPARENTLY. I always thought that I was just friendly
30) I am wider than I should be and yet I am still a bomb shell and I am not blushing while admitting this even though god knows that I would love to lose those extra cm
31) I am an atheist. Not because I want to be but because my avid interest in history has led me to it. And I cant believe in stuff just cos it feels good
32) I know all the words to my fair lady (songs included) and I can also recite without any help the whole fast and the furious and quite frequently do
33) I am a killer dancer and again I am not shy to admit it even with no formal training I rule and I have no inhibitions so I dance on stages at clubs
34) This is point 34
35) If I were a real live lesbian (and this I got from pink stuffing) I would date Jessica Alba screw Lindsay Lohan and crush on Keira knightly and Nataly Portman
36) If I won the lotto tomorrow I would buy a Bugatti Veyron
37) I don’t blog to get stuff of my chest, I blog to get comments and it pisses me off when I don’t get them. I am one of those people who think that my opinions need to be heard and I need confirmation that they were heard. Oh and I love you guys
38) I am terribly materialistic. I will not date or even consider a guy with a lower income or worse car than I have. I equate money with success and success with ambition. I need a man to have ambition I never want to hear “I cant” or “its not my fault” because I will attack your lazy ass personality in ways you haven’t dreamed of.
39) If you ask me how you look or what I think, you should be ready for an honest opinion if you want to be complimented and nurtured I suggest you fuck off.
40) When I was a teen I had bulimia for a very long time. Now I wish I had the body that was not good enough then, strange how things work
41) This is the second time I have been engaged, I got engaged to one of the most well meaning genuine people I know and three weeks after that we got into a car accident and he died. I was fucked up about it for way to long.
42) I broke my collar bone in said accident witch was small price to pay since I was the only person who walked out of there alive
43) I have moved passed my grief and while I love Johan and always will I know that he was holding me back and that if I had married him I would have been a house wife who never reaches her full potential.
44) I tried to commit suicide after the accident but my mom was smart enough to substitute the sleeping pills the hospital gave me with some herbal calming tablet. I slept well and was in happy mode for three days but my mom really did save my life.
45) I am different now. Build a bridge and get over it. That’s my motto. I wont be gotten down by anything. I work hard for everything I have and I expect no less than perfection from myself and no that doesn’t make anything worse it makes me successful
46) I have wanted to be s chef , a teacher, a lawyer and a historian in my life and if it wasn’t for my mild dislike of snotty kids I still think I would be great at all of them
47) I am not a chef, a teacher, a lawyer or a historian, I facilitate financing. How’s that for life’s curve balls
48) I have never done any sport because I wanted to. I didn’t play netball at school because I cant stand large amounts of woman all together and I only did track because it came with an off period.
49) The biggest mistakes I have ever made have names. Raymond, Donovan and Vee (granted if it wasn’t for Vee I would never have met Stiffla so he is only half mistake half dumb luck)
50) I am only half way and this thing is already 3 pages long
51) If I could get on a plane and go anywhere in the world right now it would be Egypt I am completely completely fascinated by the place and its history
52) I get broody around Christmas.
53) My favorite book is River God by Wilbur Smith and I have read it probably three times
54) I don’t like chocolate and sweet stuff but I can floor a box of salty crax like its nobodies business
55) I am very bad at girly things. This I suppose is due to the fact that my mom and I didn’t get along when I was a kid so I had nobody to teach me I also had no girlfriends to speak of. I cant do makeup well or my nails and hair and I feel so bad when I have to spend money on stuff like that. It’s a waste as far as I am concerned
56) Contrary to what I have just said I do so love shoes, stilettos grrrrrrr and cloths particularly business suits with a good cut.
57) I only started drinking at 20 years of age and it was tragic
58) I cry in movies a lot. I ball my eyes out and Will and Stiffla sit and laugh at me
59) I am the worst shopper in the world. I even annoy myself. A great follower of the 3 P rule (Pick it up, Put it down and Piss off) it can take me three days to make a single purchase. I shit you not
60) I am stingy as hell and that doesn’t help
61) I have really ugly toes
62) I cant stand going to the hair dresser because I don’t like talking to the hairdresser and I hate it even more if the woman tries to make small talk because it always end in this uncomfortable silence.
63) I don’t make friends with people at work. I find that it always tend to end badly or at best you are always associated with your friends bad work ethic
64) Not having friends at work allows me to play fair at work so I am not bias towards anybody
65) I have recently learnt that I am not bad shot. When Stiff first brought the pellet guns home I freaked at the price the damn things cost now I love to play with them more than he does
66) I only eat once a day and have been told its bad for me (I am so running out of stuff )
67) A Russian woman once told me I look like Bridgett Bardot other than that I have never been compared to any famous person.
68) I had honey blond hair down to my bum when I was a kid
69) I am semi goth semi “mean girls” inclined in my fashion sense
70) Vis-à-vis I have bad fashion sense
71) Pizza and cheese curls are my favorite foods
72) My favorite band is system of the down at the moment
73) I am completely emotionally screwed the only emotion that I can talk about is anger
74) I pick my nose when I am board
75) When I get angry I cry. And I hate it. How are you supposed to have a decent fight when your all teary eyed
76) Stiff and I have never had a fight and it will break my heart when we finally do
77) I am hysterically afraid of needles. So much so that my doctor used to make sure there were nurses to hold me down if he dared attempt it
78) I don’t like doctors either, not because I am afraid of them but because going to the doctor means I am admitting that I cant sort it out on my own and I usually can
79) I never fold cloths in my closet usually I take three steps back and fling them in. I cant find a damn thing when my cloths are folded
80) I hate being alone, even for small amounts of time. I depress myself when I am left alone with my thoughts and usually end up crying. If the boys are not there on Saturdays I go visit my mom or get in bed with Wills girlfriend and talk crap all morning.
81) I hate sleeping in too late it ruins my day and I hate the boys sleeping in late too its slothly and more importantly it leaves me alone
82) I don’t have a favorite color, I like black and purple and blue and red most but all colors are nice in the right setting
83) I live in a two bedroom wooden cottage on my moms plot. We have three houses on the property. Since it is such a big piece of land it makes it safer if you have more people on the plot
84) The friends I have now went to school with me and Stiff and we still see them every single Saturday night. We don’t even have to invite them they just pitch up
85) I get very nervous when I get lost and I get lost often.
86) I am a cat person but I still like dogs. I am not really a big animal person like some are who can cuddle and play with their animals. I like my cats, they need a lap to sit on or a leg to rub up against and their happy
87) I don’t like diamonds, my engagement ring has a massive sapphire because I find diamonds boring
88) I like match making and I am responsible for hooking Will up with Laura but so far that is my only success story
89) I am addicted to the internet and of coarse to my blog my e-mails can wait, I read my blog comments first
90) I am not allergic to anything and have spent minimal time in hospital in my life. I don’t eat very well but I am still not a sickly person
91) I studied towards a degree in psychology for a year and then left it then I studied towards a teaching degree for a year before that ambition met the same end I am not good at studying but I love learning and absorb any info I find interesting like a sponge
92) When I have found something out or learnt something new I can’t wait to get home and tell the boys. I like sharing stuff and info does not satisfy me until I have told someone
93) We have recently started gyming, Will and I, and I amazed myself by actually enjoying it
94) Music is my biggest memory trigger. All the songs on the CCR platinum album reminds me of cooking with dad in the summer. Rooi rok bokkie will always remind me of Johan and the hypnotize mesmerize from system reminds me of when Stiff and I just hooked up
95) I have long talon nails (my own Ill have you know) that never look neat because I chew the nail polish off
96) I pronounce my name Lee-Ann when I introduce myself because people cant pronounce Leanne and I don’t have the patience to try and correct them for half an hour
97) I like to do business in English but I like to swear in Afrikaans.
98) I am almost finished
99) My best friend is Wills girlfriend and she is also my complete opposite, Pink and Ditsy where I am disturbed
100) It took me three days to do this list and it has made me suicidal… and if you have successfully read this you should be suicidal too.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chimeras (Humanized Animals)

Consider for a moment the hundreds of thousands of people in dire need of an organ transplant, or the multitudes of people who can’t recognize their families due to neural diseases.
And spare a thought for those whose bodies are being annihilated by cancer and who will surely spend their last moments on this planet in excruciating pain.
Now consider if it were your son who needed a liver transplant. Your Girlfriend dying of cancer or your mother whose mind leaves her a confused helpless mess.
What length would you go to, to save these people?
Would you accept a liver or kidney for transplant even if it had been grown inside a sheep?
Would you reject a cure for cancer because it was unethically developed….?
Would you?
I am guessing not!

Somewhere in Nevada a sheep was born whose heart and liver were largely human and in Minnisota there is a pig with human blood running in his veins and in California a lab mouse peers through his cage bars with a brain that is as much as 1% human.

These are not the creations of some sick horror movie mad scientist but rather a very complex Biological experiment that is helping scientist observe for the first time, how human cells react, not only with one another, but also with those of other animals.
They have been called Chimeras after a Greek mythological creature one that has parts of different creatures in one body.
By fusing Human cells with those of animals at different times in fetal development scientist have been able to create a pig with both human and pig blood cells and in a miraculous turn of events were able to observe how these cells merged to create a hybrid cells.
Realizing that pig viruses may be transmitted to humans, a sheep embryo was developed with a liver and heart that is as much as 80% human.
In theory these organs can be transplanted into the human body where our own immune system will reject the alien 20% and take root.

Testing of HIV drugs have also been simplified by a mouse that carries a complete human immune system and can be infected by the virus. Now drugs that may turn out to be toxic to humans can be tested on mice.

However while the US seems to have abandoned their plight with the UN to ban cloning completely, their attention has turned to chimeras and are campaigning for a ban on the creation of Chimeras.
However the wording of such a policy will have to be very very carefully thought out as the creation of chimeras is not as uncommon as one would think, as most twins carry a few cells from their sibling and of course mothers carry cells from their infant, not to mention the recipients of organ transplants or those whose defective heart valves have been replaced with those from pigs or cow’s.

Naturally the question of “How human is to human?” has been raised
And at what point have we raised an animals moral standing too much?
At what point should chimeras be allowed the same rights as a human being?

Scientist also say that there is a risk that the human cells in chimeras could spread to the testis and ovary’s. Producing human sperm and Human eggs..
If two such chimeras were to mate it would result in a human fetus whose parents are effectively a pair of mice or sheep or pigs.

The practice has been called unethical and scientists have been accused of ignoring the value of a human life.
Some quote the bible (like you didn’t see that coming).
However I question how questing to relieve mankind’s suffering can be called unethical.
I ask how the worlds leaders can declare war on aids and a fight against cancer but block science from exploring all avenues.
It is clear that the resources we have at our disposal are not heelding the needed results…
And wouldn’t it be grand if one person didn’t have to die to replace another’s heart.

I am not supporting a ban on this practice but rather a very strict oversight to ensure that the procedure is not in the interest of pure curiosity but rather in the interest of scientifically researching the benefits that such creations may hold for man kind.

Again I ask your opinion knowing that we may not all agree.

blogger bitching session

Admittedly my dedication in bloging appears to be wavering , however my visits to the blog world have been no less regular but a whole lot more annoying.
Have you noticed that despite changing my header pic it is still a fraction of the size that it originally was.
I have seen this on Will and Sweet ass’s blog
Will has this strip of grey matter that resembles nothing human while sweet ass’s eye has been turned into the fold of skin under your butt cheek.
And I can’t add a new page element to my side bar and I am starting to lose my temper a commodity that I am running low on

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Gareth And The Knotted Panty Brigade

Apparently the whole South-Africa knew about since the words were spoken on Friday, I however only found out about it today, this might be because the comment went like water of a ducks back during my morning commute.
I remember thinking “that’s right your so right” but being me I had too much faith in the world and almost expected the same reaction from the rest of the world

“Blasphemy should not still be a crime in the 21st century”
This was Gareth Cliff, a radio DJ for 5Fm’s response to the “teacher-teddy” bear screw up in Sudan.
At the risk of sounding Like a God hater (AGAIN) I completely agreed with the man.
My reasons for agreeing may be widely removed from his reasons for making the statement but then again when the prudes got on their high horses started bitching about Gareths blasphemies I doubt whether they gave a damn about the context either.

It is at this point that I would like to Launch into one of my famous all mighty rants.

That is the problem with the world today…
These People were getting their panties in a knot about Principals while ignoring the fact that a woman may have been shot for something that, in my opinion, shouldn’t even register as a crime.
Unfortunately I doubt weather the knotted panty brigade bothered to petition for Gillian Gibon’s release!
Oh but hang on a minute a Lady by the name Of Gerda Marie Povey, appointing her self judge, jury and executioner took it upon herself to enlighten the world of Gareth’s crimes. She complained to Gareth in writing via e-mail knowing that the man would not stand down. Gareth replied to this e-mail stating his case.
I unfortunately I don’t have a copy or it would be up here for the world to see in Gareth’s defense.
Point is that Povey then started forwarding the e-mail to world and his brother, hoping that the other narrow minded indoctrinated idiots would rally behind her in her attempt to get Gareth sacked.
Povey failed miserably in her attempt as she was not even present during the tribunal that found Gareth innocent.
Apparently when one wants to play with the big dogs one should not piss like a puppy.

At the same time I do want to say that apart from Povey and her fellow mothergrundies Gareth did get an overwhelming amount of support showing that there is an intelligent open minded community out there who are not afraid to make their voices heard.

By the way I have read that Gareth will be launching a web site soon where he will be able to write opinion pieces without the fear of persecution.
As soon as the sight is up I will post up the link as I am sure it will become one of my regular reads

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

the star that shines in controvercy

I realized today that I am not displaying a pentacle on my blog.
I planned to rectify the problem and immediately started searching for an image that would suit my blog, it dawned on me then that by adding the controversial little trinket to my side bar I would be inviting more than my fair share of hate speech, and negative energy to my home on blog lane and I would thus like to take this opportunity to not only defend myself but also give those who are less enlightened about the subject a little history/ symbology lesson on this very harmless symbol.

From bitter experience I have learnt that the Christians will be the first to attack me for my “blasphemies” so I am going to address this group first.

No doubt you believe it is a symbol of pure evil, used to denote those who dabble in the dark arts.
While this is a complete misinterpretation one can not blame conservative church goers for the misunderstanding considering the history the church has had with this symbol.

In medieval times the pentacle was actually a Christian symbol, with the five points of the star representing the five wounds of Christ and the five joys that Mary had of Jesus (the annunciation, the Nativity, the resurrection, the ascension and the assumption).
It also served as a protective talisman that (ironically) was believed to ward of witches.

The pentacle also featured in the 14th century poem “Sir Gwaine and the green knight”..
Representing the five virtues of knighthood (noble generosity, fellowship, purity, courtesy, and compassion.) the pentacle was emblazed on sir Gwaine’s shield as a remainder of the virtues nature sir Gwaine strived to embody.

However some time in the twentieth century the church rejected the symbol as it had increasingly become associated with a rebellious group set on rejecting the teachings of the church.
Used as a sign of rebellion or religious identification for these so called Satanists the star was turned upside down, with three points pointing downwards the group made their rejection of the holy trinity clear to the outside world.
Usually inscribed within a double circle the star was named the sigil of Baphomet and became the official insignia for the church of Satan.

Having said this I do concede that the Pentacle in some form does have some satanistic connotations (even though it is a direct result of its Christian connection), but I would also like to point out that the pentacle is one of the oldest symbols in history and it’s first known uses date back to 3000BC since then it has enjoyed attention in so many teachings, religions and cults that it would be short sighted to limit this piece to a never ending battle between the Church and those who had fallen from its grace.

The Neo-Pagan Pentacle

In modern society the pentacle seems to be coming out of the closet again and it is not uncommon to see people donning pentacle jewelry or clothing.
Personally I believe that the increasing popularity of esoteric believe systems such as Wicca and neo-Paganism has greatly contributed to the positive PR drive around this ancient symbol.
As a crucifix might identify a Christian so a pentacle may identify a wiccan a witch or a pagan and a as a religious symbol it is no les meaningful than its Christian peer.

To completely understand the very loaded meaning of the pagan pentacle one needs to understand a bit about the believes that govern it first and while I fully intend to get into that at a later stage I fear that my genesis of witchcraft my be too much to digest at this point in time

What I am going to say though is that the four bottom points of the star represent the elements Earth, Wind (or air), fire and water, elements that were first linked to the star by the Pythagoreans who considered the pentacle a mathematical perfection.
The top most point represents Spirit and many believe that spirit will rule over all other elements… however since this is a religion that promotes freedom of expression the symbol is open for personal interpretation.
The pagan pentacle is inscribed by a single circle that represents the circle of life (birth death and rebirth).
This symbol is used in ritual magic and during the invocation of the elements.
It is not however meant as symbol of evil at all!

Other meanings have come from all corners of the world and its connection with the planet Venus is one of the most widely known.
However the reason for the parallel being drawn between the planet and the five pointed star is not a common fact and it might interest you to know that the planet Venus traces an imperfect pentacle across the heavens every eight years.
Wether the ancients were aware of this or not, I don’t know but it would be my number one theory on the true origins of the pentacle.


Please note that intend to elaborate on this subject in the coming weeks giving specific attention to the influence that the pentacle has had on our history.

In closing I would like to say that I strongly believe that the pentacle is a symbol of human nature.
Over hundreds of years good people have taken this symbol and have praised it for its embodiment of purity and wholeness, but at the same time those with less wholesome intentions have stripped it of all its virtues just to dress it up as the symbol of darkness.

A symbol does not have intent so it cannot harm nor does it have choice so it cannot decide between good and evil.
It will only mirror the intent and choice of those who choose to interpret it

I only find it disturbing that the naïve are always inclined towards a negative interpretation

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Monday, December 03, 2007

happy Tuesday

Good morning Blog land.
I hope all of you have slept well and that Tuesday has brought relieve from the weekend hangovers and bad moods that are own to Mondays
Yes Bunnies I am in a good mood.

Hey you close your mouth, gawking is not attractive at all!

Once all of you have recovered from the shock allow me to explain the cause of this merriment.

The first reason must be the dawn of December.
There is no better month in the year… I absolutely looooove all the Christmas carols and lights and happy people.
The schools have started breaking up for the summer holiday and I love watching the kids on the street in their preppy cloths thinking they are the bees knees… or watching the girls in the malls stifle the giggles that threaten to escape their oh so mature lipstick covered lips and they sit in coffee shops trying to look 5 years older.
The fact that I am in my jeans and sneakers giggling my head of to my equally idiotic counterparts trying to look 5 years younger just amplifies how fabulously complex life really is.
While we are on the subject of Christmas and all that grand shinny stuff… I would like to recommend a few things to you guys…

We can call it Lees favorites things… only I am not giving anything away…
1) The Celtic woman Christmas carol CD. This is stunning it will make anybodies heart melt. These Irish lasses can sing like a son of a bitch and they are only overshadowed by the stunning fiddle and bad pipes
2) Chocolate Christmas tree decorations and advent calendars.
Especially if you have kids.
My mom quilted and advent calendar for us one year and everyday we got a different little gift in the run up to Christmas.

On the other hand my good mood may be because we finally started gyming yesterday.
We were measured on Friday and I was told that I was wearing a 100com ass on a 1.61m frame.
I ask you.
So yesterday we broke a sweat and contrary to ,y expectations I actually enjoyed it… no really I did.
The down side is that I pushed by broken shoulder a bit to far and now my left arm is useless.
But hey if I don’t keep up with Will he wont let me forget it.

Oh and other good news is that that English teacher who named her class teddy Mohammed has been pardoned and is back in England this morning.
She was initially Sentenced to 40 public lashings but after a lot of here-and- there
Got her reprieve despite public petitioning for her execution.