Tuesday, December 11, 2007

blogger bitching session

Admittedly my dedication in bloging appears to be wavering , however my visits to the blog world have been no less regular but a whole lot more annoying.
Have you noticed that despite changing my header pic it is still a fraction of the size that it originally was.
I have seen this on Will and Sweet ass’s blog
Will has this strip of grey matter that resembles nothing human while sweet ass’s eye has been turned into the fold of skin under your butt cheek.
And I can’t add a new page element to my side bar and I am starting to lose my temper a commodity that I am running low on


SaM-GiRL said...

lol - goose fraba chick, goose fraba!

Divalicious said...

Eh, it's the little crap that gets under your skin and just eats away at your happiness.

As long as you're ranting, who gives a shit about page elements. It's YOU we're here to visit!!!

angel said...

i love your header lee! it means if i view it on a normal sized screen (my laptop is superwide) i don't lose any of it!!!
then again... blogger irritation can definitely drive one bananas!

sweetass RSA said...

what's wrong with my eye??!!!...oh dear...LOL...tx for the lovely description though...mwhahahahah

Pink ditz said...

I think your header looks great, it does on my comp atleast.

I had no idea there was a maximum for page elements wtf?

I hate it when stuff on computers isn't working, but sam is right goooose faba!!

Nosjunkie said...

okay on my computer its teeny tiney I can see what looks like an arm and nothing els
it is the size of the block they give you as an example on your template setup page.
am I the only person seeing this !