Thursday, December 06, 2007

Gareth And The Knotted Panty Brigade

Apparently the whole South-Africa knew about since the words were spoken on Friday, I however only found out about it today, this might be because the comment went like water of a ducks back during my morning commute.
I remember thinking “that’s right your so right” but being me I had too much faith in the world and almost expected the same reaction from the rest of the world

“Blasphemy should not still be a crime in the 21st century”
This was Gareth Cliff, a radio DJ for 5Fm’s response to the “teacher-teddy” bear screw up in Sudan.
At the risk of sounding Like a God hater (AGAIN) I completely agreed with the man.
My reasons for agreeing may be widely removed from his reasons for making the statement but then again when the prudes got on their high horses started bitching about Gareths blasphemies I doubt whether they gave a damn about the context either.

It is at this point that I would like to Launch into one of my famous all mighty rants.

That is the problem with the world today…
These People were getting their panties in a knot about Principals while ignoring the fact that a woman may have been shot for something that, in my opinion, shouldn’t even register as a crime.
Unfortunately I doubt weather the knotted panty brigade bothered to petition for Gillian Gibon’s release!
Oh but hang on a minute a Lady by the name Of Gerda Marie Povey, appointing her self judge, jury and executioner took it upon herself to enlighten the world of Gareth’s crimes. She complained to Gareth in writing via e-mail knowing that the man would not stand down. Gareth replied to this e-mail stating his case.
I unfortunately I don’t have a copy or it would be up here for the world to see in Gareth’s defense.
Point is that Povey then started forwarding the e-mail to world and his brother, hoping that the other narrow minded indoctrinated idiots would rally behind her in her attempt to get Gareth sacked.
Povey failed miserably in her attempt as she was not even present during the tribunal that found Gareth innocent.
Apparently when one wants to play with the big dogs one should not piss like a puppy.

At the same time I do want to say that apart from Povey and her fellow mothergrundies Gareth did get an overwhelming amount of support showing that there is an intelligent open minded community out there who are not afraid to make their voices heard.

By the way I have read that Gareth will be launching a web site soon where he will be able to write opinion pieces without the fear of persecution.
As soon as the sight is up I will post up the link as I am sure it will become one of my regular reads


Mr R Rabbit said...

A very recent legal case in England ruled that broadcast media and stage performances are immune from even any hint of being prosecuted for blasphemy. We're getting there.

M@ said...

I am a big fan of our American First Amendment, protecting free speech. It's my right to have a big mouth.

angel said...

i enjoy gareth's insights and i also look forward to reading his site.

JR's Thumbprints said...

No persecution? What's this world coming to? I've appreciated your comments regard my posts. Keep at it. I'll stop in from time to time.

Crankster said...

The trouble with any dogma, be it liberal or conservative or whatever, is that some people will take it to its illogical conclusion.

Case in point: I believe that we should, absolutely, respect the values of other culture. As long as they, too, believe in respecting pluralism.

If not, fuck 'em.

ShadowFalcon said...

We all have a right to free speech and I have issues with censorship

Claudia said...

Some people really have nothing better to do than try to spread their own misery, you know?

Szarek(Will) said...

Gareth is a smart guy..he knows his shit...I agree with crankster,but only with the people that hav a relegion

It was not in that womans relegion to name the teddy MO...yet she got punished ...This world only has one perspective...JESUS...

And I am sorry but Millions of people take that "power"...
They must fuckin think outside the box for a damn change

Divalicious said...

I would never be able to live anywhere but here. I have a big mouth and smart ass opinions about every thing.

I would hate to think I could be condemned and strung up for that.

Pink ditz said...

Religious people need to start realizing that it's completely ridiculous to punish the world according to THEIR laws.

Nosjunkie said...

I so agree with you Pink why shouls everybody be the victom of other peoples silly believes

and Diva hunny I have that same problem for some reason