Wednesday, October 18, 2006


A little more than a year ago I woke up, as I would on any other Sunday morning and went about my house work as any other morning.
Not for a moment did I think that By nine o clock I would be spread out on a streatcher on the tar road.
That day I was involved in a car accident that killed two people.
I had gotten engadged three weeks before and not for a moment did I imagine then that I would mourning my fancies death

My point is that life is fragile and we seldom appreciate this fact.
Today I challenge everybody to write down what you would like people to say at your funeral
and then try to live up to it

I'll start

Of all things I will remember about Lee, I will always remember that she was a happy person. She always seemed to be smiling.
She had a great spirit and held her head up high in the face of great adversity.
she was mindful of those around her and while she had her moments as we all do she couldn't hold a grudge too long
Lee was above all
a great friend
a great daughter
and a loving companion
May she rest in peace.

Now you do it
write it in the comments
put it on your blog and pass it on as it was passed down to me
Then live it!


SaM-GiRL said...

Off all the things I will remember about Sam.. not including the money she still owes me... and all my things shes borrowed and not returned, I will remember her laugh... and the way she would act silly just to make me feel better about myself, and i will miss having somebody to talk to when i am down, as she was a friend that REALLY listened, and understood when i was going through bad times, and always helped, sam always wore her heart on her sleeve, and she loved all her family and friends immensely, and was NEVER afraid of showing that love to them, Im sure everybody will also miss all her jokes that never made sense... and most of all, i will miss having her as an inspiration to live each day to the fullest, as she treated every day, like the most valueble gift from God... may her sorry ass rest in peace.... (lol.....gosh im vain)

nosjunkie said...

Thats a GREAT one Sam. Real deep now pass it on

Gremlin said...

uhmmm nice....

But I think I will sit this one out...
Every person has their own feelings and their own why of saying things, but the only thing I would like to hear is, I will miss him, for the rest its up to you...

DarkWing said...

ppl will remember me as ...

always full of shyte ....

nosjunkie said...

I agree guys. I'd like people to remember that I was always up for a "jol" that I could talk shit on any subject and that I was game for anything!!!!!!!!

cathrine the gr8 said...

i will remeber Cat a a loving caring person, that most people loved. she always took charge of a situation and made everyone feel at ease.
my her ashes travel the universe and may she get to explore the stars and planets that she so muched love to read up on.
Ps. with her always in control I wonder if she decided how where and when she would pass on?

etain_lavena said...

Drizel was loved by all off us, we need not mention each of her attributes, because to each person she meant enough in their world.
Love you always.!!!