Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lil sisster

I feel like dirt!
I know that this is not exactly the kind of statement that one expects from me but today I feel like dirt!
The reason for this very unusual state of emotion is because my hands are cut and I can do nothing to help.
This all may seem like irrelevant ramblings so I will explain my predicament.
I was informed yesterday that despite the best efforts of many specialist My little sister would have to undergo and operation to amputate part of her second toe.
The infection that was causing the bone in her toe to split could not be stopped and amputation was her only option.
With this knowledge and knowing that she would be starting varsity at the end of the month it was decided that the opp was to be done at the earliest possible date....."today".
I spoke to her yesterday and all she could say was that she was scared.
This is not something you hear out the mouth of a plot hardened Parker girl often but even so the point didn't hit home until a few minuets ago.
A few moments ago a glance at the time told me that Crystal (My sister "nice name I know") should be out of theatre by now and being the considerate person I am I dialed my moms number to hear how it went.... that's when it started....My timing was malignant; I had called only moments after Crystal had woken up and she was in pain.
Past my moms voice I could hear my little sister crying and so I cried.
I cried because in that moment the sister that teases me because I am shorter than she is, who is all of 18 years old and starts studying biocenetics in a few days, became a child again.
She was hurt and confused from anesthetic and I couldn't help.
I cried because I didn't take colleagues advice and take the day off and go to the hospital.
I cried because regardless of how much we fight and how terrible we can be to one another, shes My little sister and will always be my charge.
So here I sit counting the minutes to 16:30 so that I can go down to the hospital and make sure she gets to go home tonight even if it has to be under the threat of a doctors life......
Sorry you had to sit through that but this is me "dirt" love me or leave me.
Ill post some gruesome pics to make up for it
Peace out Peeps


etain_lavena said...

Good luck Lee!!!!
I know my sister is also younger, wait till your sister has a baby my gosh I cried like a crazy woman.....
I will think of you guys..

SaM-GiRL said...

Awww sorry girl.... I'm also very close with my sisters (although Im the youngest, not oldest like you) I know how worried and sad you must be feeling, hope shes ok! Hope youre ok too.

Donsie said...

Ok I am shocked. Sad to hear about your sister, hope she is ok, but shocked.
I never thought I will see the human side of you in your blogg...

Gremlin said...

HAHAHAHA @Donsie...

Hay Lee good luck with all your tears... Send my regards to Crystal, Will proberly see ya all this weekend, Shame the poor girl, She might be your lil sus but she looks like the softy in the fadamaly if you look throu the crazyness...

Good Luck...

123Valerie said...

Aw, honey, I'm so sorry. I'm sending good, healing energy to both you and your sister.

I have no doubt she knows you love her, and now you have a wonderful chance to show her how much by supporting her and keeping in touch with her during her recovery.

Pooh for feeling like dirt, but I assure you, my dear, that you are nothing of the sort.

Claudia said...

OK...that made me cry....don't feel like dirt... you did and are doing what you could. Be there for your sis...recovery from surgery is never easy...I actually think it's the hardest but having family there for you...beyond words how much it means.

Lee said...

I know I almost deleted the thing but as I say as soon as her dressings come off I am gonna buy back my self respect with pics of the toe

To all you guys
Thanks so much you guy
My blog friends have become a big part of my life and you always have the best things to say