Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Blogging without obligation"

My return to cyber space has been marred by the fact that some terrible plague has ravaged the planes of the net, reducing S.A. blogger to a near trickle.
This must have happened around June as the last post date like tomb stones.
I agree that I am not exempt from blame as my absence left my very own blog in a state of ruin.
Anyway I have missed my blog so much, I can no longer stand having all my alter egos banging for an outlet all at once, the noise is just unbearable.

So I have decided that I will keep blogging regardless of weather anybody reads it or not, I am in the process of convincing myself that if nobody reads it I have no reason to maintain a reader base and can, thus, write and post whatever tickles my fancy. Not that I wasn't inclined to do that in the first place.

I may even invite my family to read it, however the prospect of being disinherited and giving my grandad a heart attack is deterring me from that rout.
while my family is well aware of the fact that I am as stable as a Molotov cocktail they might not yet have grasped the extent of my impediment.
I also fear that my spelling my encourage them to send me back to the seats of higher learning.

I can now post more of my poetry.
In the past I refrained from posting alot of my works because ultimately it makes for bad conversation pieces in the comments.
I can run around posting just pics if I so choose or post more than once a day.

By the way I have also payed some attention to the right hand space on my screen, I intend to fill that space up and my newest addition is a virtual fish tank.
I have three 80's inspired fish swimming around my screen, I call then Stinky,Scab and Bill. go click on them, their cool.

Ag who am I kidding I am a people person I want my blog buddies back!


etain_lavena said...

I AM BAAAAAACKKKK.....when I was at my lowest here I did not read or blog at all, but now I am making an effort I love my blog and all my bloggers friends...happy your back...and post those poetry:)

Nosjunkie said...

Etain sweetie I know I can always count on you hun.
I am sure everything is gonna turn out great for you over there

Dan said...

as stable as a Molotov cocktail

LOL!! That's why you're interesting! Post what you want, whether or not people read it. If less people read, you will feel less constrained.