Monday, September 10, 2007

Babies Back

It is amazing how much can change in just a small while.
I have been gone from our small little blogging community for only a little while and so much has changed.
I suppose the most obvious change is the migration from Blogging to Face book.
I have missed my blog so much and am not yet enchanted by the face book rage so I am gonna hang out here a little while longer.
Please note that I am in no way stating that I will never go Face book because I also thought blogging was stupid at some point.

I have also changed and since I saw you guys last I have added a very significant piece of jewelry to my person.
yes ladies and germs the Stiffla and I have gotten engaged and in a little more than a year we will be married.
Naturally Grem and the boys were at hand to celebrate the occasion with the needed vigour.
my conversion to full blown Noe pagan is complete. its been coming for a long time and I have finally admitted it.
I am now occupying my second job and this is the reason for my return to the cyber world.
its almost an office job but not quite.
I am still in financing and I still do home loans but now I also facilitate rental financing for anything from office automation to potter potties

I love my new job even though its in bedford view and I have to brave giloolies every day.

either way thats me for now I will post some pics of the ring and the house and stuff soon
And just to let you know that I have not missed that many of your posts. I have tried to read as much as I could even thought the speed on my GPRS was to slow to post.

Love you all lots and I am so glad to be back


Dan said...

Lee, CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement. He's a lucky guy!

It's terrific to see you back. Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know! Hugs!

etain_lavena said...

Hey chicky...Congrats, thats sooooo kewl...I am happy that you are happy:)

Cant wait to see all the pickies....exiting:)

HUGZ and luffies

etain_lavena said...

oooo ja thanks for you vote..mwah:)

Nosjunkie said...

Thanks to both of you.
Dan you know I'll be around soon again.

Etain: Nothing too it doll. Besides I loved the piece. I love Vampires.