Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Brain fart

Ideas are often like men.
When they first approach you, you brush them off as annoying and uninteresting.
However like men they don't go away and you can't turn your ass without it trying to hump your leg (the man not the idea).
With lots of distraction you finally succeed in ignoring it. Its there but only in the corner of your mind just on the presipace of awareness.
Latter you can't help yourself, the prospect of mulling over it has grown on you and at the end of the day it occupies your full attention all day and you have no simple escape.

I have an Idea of the male persuasion and when combining it with the antics of Stiffla and his sibling I have enough nagging testosterone variables to rival the whole Rugby world cup line up.

Now like men all ideas and theories need names (especially in the developing stages) while men need names so that you can shout at them in crowds, ideas need names so that you can say " I cal it my "drol in die drink water" theory" and sound all educated and complicated about it.

I call my theory "the worst case scenario" and if I had the patience I would write a book about it.

If you take all these small little rifts, fights and issues that plague the world at the moment and dramatise the worst possible outcome.
What if the fight for gender equality resulted in a female dominated work force and men were driven into the stay at home dad position.
What if Aids continued on its downward spiral and finally whipped out the whole entire African population.
What if CERN succeed in recreating the big bang and in doing so discredit Genesis and make Christianity obsolete, if the creation of antimatter became the most powerful weapon of mass destruction.
Imagine what the world will be like in a 100 years from now.

We will all be hunter gather warrior woman with hunky male sex slaves campaigning to repopulate Africa after global warming and shit made it the only inhabitable place on earth.
Or perhaps the only survivors would be the people who realised that society and the system would literally mean our end and started these little intentional societies.
What will our new Gods look like and will there still be money power hungry religious sects trying to push their own agenda by indoctrination?

This was my official Friday Brain fart.
the proverbial rush of shit to the brain


The CEO said...

There, there, it's nice to know that women can soften or else us men would never stand a chance.

Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting! I hope you make it a habit! You're always welcome there.

M@ said...

If I think an idea is humping my leg, then that's how I know I've smoked too much ganga for sure.

Nosjunkie said...

CEO: I really enjoyed your blog and I will definitly be back

M@:I have tried to imagine an idee humping your leg and I have not had any luck visualising it so I am sure that you would need some other stimulus

M@ said...

I can see the idea clearly. It's like a little bull terrier that talks.

Pinkstuffedbrain said...

Very nicely put. Love your comparison. Interesting train of thoughts, I'll def bring this up in future late night discussions.
Loving the blog overall!