Tuesday, October 09, 2007

blogg graveyard

I have made up my mind that I am gonna have to add a gravyard section to my peanut gallery.
it seems that 90% of the people who I have linked no longer blog and I have been forced to go blo whoring again.
so for the last few days I have neglected to post anything new because I have been surfing the links from site to site commenting on some very nice blogs.
I now plan to compile a new peanut gallery full of blogs that I intend making regular reads.

I am also to scared to blog because there a have been tornado warnings in Gauteng and Icebergs off the African cost... this may be a parralel univers and I fear for teh safty of my blog.


Claudia said...

hey chickie! welcome back to blogland! Yes, be careful of the icebergs!

Anonymous said...

Collect some ice for my JD please...



M@ said...

I hope global climate change doesn't affect your ability to blog over there, dude.

Gremlin said...

Hay SA can do the titanic ting if we hit the iceberg. For the tornado, I think it has hit my house, for some reason it's looking worse than ever. Think I have to stop working and clean abit. :(

SheBee said...

I am new, hi! Am loving your blog so far.

So much for the 'devestation' of JHB, huh?

You may not send a nudge that often.

You may not send a nudge that often.

You may not send a nudge that often.

You may not send a nudge that often.

SheBee said...

oh for crap sakes! i pressed cntrl v by accident, sorry. I also happened to just give away how hard i've been working.. on msn.


oh well, fuck up's and cover up's... thats me.