Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Survivor theory

Last night “Survivor Cook Island” drew to a conclusion on South-African television and Yule who had the unwavering support of our household from the very beginning walked away with a cheque for a million dollars.

The episode of survivor was a direct contrast to the home coming of the 50 American soldiers that was shown on the Oprah show only hours before that.

And while I hate to admit it, the fact is that a game show and a gossipy talk show illustrated ,almost exactly, the difference between third world and first world countries.

I think that the populace of third world countries, due to extreme poverty and the lack of strong leadership, are a very self preserving people. Each is playing for himself and the prospect of personal gain overrides the need for a structured society.
I will illustrate my point with a simple example.
This morning while I was stuck in the traffic I noticed that the woman behind me was sucking on an Ashman pump every two or three minutes. I felt very sorry for her as the line of cars in front of us stretch along for a good three km.
However while I was sitting there cringing at the bad selection on radio music a mini bus taxi raced by me in the emergency lane right to the front of the line of stationary vehicles.
Obviously the people in the front of the line were reluctant to let this obnoxious line jumper in so the taxi driver thought it would be terribly smart to drive over the curb to the other side of the intersection and push in front of somebody there.
He had little regard for the other people who were following the rules and did not consider that every one of us are as desperate to get to work as he is, No his only concern was for his own gain.

I cal this the survivor society.
And I honestly think that this should be considered when governing our people.
I think that the causes for this behavior should be addressed before all ells.

Then on the other side of the spectrum there is the United States, a country that for the most part has been able to depict itself as the picture of patriotism.
It is no secret that 50% of the population don’t agree with Bushes money hungry war mongering interference in Iraq but that hasn’t stopped thousands of young soldiers from laying their life down on the line for their country.
I am under no illusion that it is all sunshine and roses on those far of shores and I realize that every barrel has its bad apples but for the most part the U.S. has risen above poverty and most of the challenges that face third world countries and the population understands that sacrifices have to be made to maintain their current standards of living.

This by the way is only the first installment of the survivor theory as I plan to solve the worlds problems in the next.

By the way, I spent three hours editing Wills first installment of his, as yet nameless, book so I would appreciate it if you go around and comment as both of us are welcoming construcktive criticism on it.
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sweetass RSA said...

Lee for president!

Mr R Rabbit said...

Uncaring drivers are universal. Probably more common here in fact.

Szarek(Will) said...

Lee for POPE!!!!

Nosjunkie said...

God no!
I am not narrow minded enough and oh yes I remember "I dont have a dick"

Mr R Rabbit said...

There's been a female pope before.

Though admittedly no one knew that she was female until she went into labour if I remember correctly.

Nosjunkie said...

I cant imagine how that was recieved I mean she was female and the cathloics already see woman as secons class citizens and she was obviously having sex which is another of those taboos

angel said...

gotta second sweetass on this one, heh heh!
i really look forward to the next instalment lee...

Crankster said...

It's interesting to see how America is viewed from the outside. On a daily basis, I am blown away by the survivor mentality here!