Thursday, November 08, 2007

Blog scrap booking

Hi there guys
I promis to blog something usefull soon but in the mean time I want to let you guys know about this killer great site I found.
Its called Blingee and it lets you modify pics with all sorts of bling.
so go to and see what you can do
This is one I made of Will and I am so proud of my work

Princess Will HAHAHA
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Szarek(Will) said...


Holy fuck i cant believe you have done that...jeez the WAR HAS STARTED BIATCH


Sweetass RSA said...

that is so funny
....whahahahahahah... good one lee, whoop his ass! lol!!

will you look beautiful doll!!

Glugster said...

You sure do know how to stir the pot. Revenge is indeed sweet though.

Fish said...

Will, how does your boyfriend feel about this....hehehe

Szarek(Will) said...


Fish you wont believe...He is pissed...hehehe

Nosjunkie said...

hey Glugs: do you know whats better than revenge?... Revenge

angel said...

aaaaawwww he looks so KYOOOOTTT!!!

Stiffla said...

The funny thing is it suits him !

The CEO said...

Apparently, this means you have generated a lot to discuss in the blogosphere!

Claudia said...

!hahaha!! he's so cuuuuuute!!

My Reflecting Pool said...

Will looks adorable. I love the tiara!

Szarek(Will) said...


Glugster said...

Off the topic. I like your new blog header.


Glugster said...

Too bad it's spoiled by the picture of Will below it.

Szarek(Will) said...


Nosjunkie said...

Will: build a bridge and get over it

Sweetass:he does doesnt he

Glugs: thanks (bout the header) I kinna prefer it too

Fish: I dont know about the boyfriend but the picture has been distributed to his boss who has made the whole companey call him princess

angel: its just a pitty it took so much gletter to make the improvment

Pool: its my fav too I love the way it hugs the mowhawks

Crankster said...

The tiara really brings out the sparkle in his eyes.

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