Thursday, November 15, 2007


I am not a happy bunny today
In fact that’s an understatement
I am spitting mad and while I it is not my place to divulge the full details about what has me seeing red I intend to make as close a reference to it as is possible while still remaining completely trivial.

Lately the peaceful utopia of plot life has been shattered for no good reason.

It all started with a picture being posted on one of my regular reads, it wasn’t crude or badly intended… in fact quite the opposite… but the result has been mass hysteria.

So today I am asking the opinion of my fellow blogger, Myspacers and facebookers.

My blog has been running for more than a year and most of my blog buddies know my real name and I have pictures of myself posted.
I have not in all my time blogging had a single creep approach me or harass me.
However it is the opinion of some that displaying your picture on the internet makes you a target for freaks and perverts. And it has been the cause of more than its fair share of fight mongering in my world the last few days.

Having said this I need to highlight the fact that since I have had MXIT on my phone I have had no les than 5 people ask me to take my cloths of and talk dirty to them.
I was “up skirted” in our local shopping mall last year and I do remember a particular incident at school where a guy thought it was okay to grab a big hand full of my boobs.

I am of the opinion that stepping out of your front door in the morning is more dangerous than blogging or having your face plastered all over facebook and myspace.

Granted If I were a mother I wouldn’t want my 10 or 16 year old on the internet but at 18 I don’t think it matters anymore because you can’t even go to a club or pub without somebody putting your face on the net.

People Please tell me If I am wrong.
I more than welcome everybody’s honest opinions

I don’t think that the net is more dangerous than the real world. If I wanted to cut and past your face onto a naked body I could quite easily take a picture of you in a mall or on the street and do that.
I don’t think that having a picture on the net makes you any more attractive to pervs than wearing a bikini on the beach.
Yes I am against all sorts of child porn or exploitation of children but for all that is holly be reasonable about it all.


Sweetass RSA said...

i've also been lucky, no perverts or stalkers heading my way. i think one should be careful though, there really are some sick puppies out there!

Sweetass RSA said...

question: what happened to your brother will? since yesterday i can't link to his blog via yours, page not found??

Nosjunkie said...

hey Sweet ass; there has been some politics and the blog is getting a revamp but I think youl like it
Will is writing a fantasy teen novel and in addition to his normal brain farts will be posting the book in instalments.

Anonymous said...

I have had to start a new blog due to my old one being read by my volunteer org and then being used against me. How did they know it was me? The email address on my blog. So, I am anonymous, sort of. I am also lucky that my employer likes my blog and has no problem with anything I've said in this one. I still won't post my photo, this community is small and most have small minds. Its a shame really.

angel said...

very well written as always- i agree wholeheartedly!
i have been lucky enough not to pick up any stalkers... but i reckon you post what makes you feel comfortable and posting anything is a risk you accept when you start blogging!

Gremlin said...

I don't see it as a risk... If you feel like posting a pic post it... Whats the worse that can happen??

A perf are a perf and he has more luck to stalk you seeing you in real life, than seeing you on the net... Dangeour are everywhere and the's more out side than there will ever be online. Yes you get the out odd one's that will try to stalk you, but then they are in the pub's, club's and well every where. I think the deference are that outside they acctaully can follow you home and stalk you. For the rest. Just enjoy life.

Divalicious said...

Regardless of what realm you happen to be in at any particular moment... there are moron, perverts, and all sorts of creepy critters out there...

Internet or on the street.... gaaahh!! I get the willies just thinkin about it.

Crankster said...

You make a fair point. I've met a few of my blogging buddies, and they've all been good, decent people.

I guess my bigger worry is having my angry thoughts and rants read by a co-worker or boss. Although, as I am now unemployed...