Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I grew up a sharp tongued, quick witted little vixen. Sensing a persons insecurities and attacking them without remorse or blatantly manipulating them to serve my needs was a technique mastered out of necessity.
A necessity born from the fact that my formative years in grade school were spent at the bottom of the food chain.
Being a perceptive child this fact did not escape my attention especially not when I was humiliated and bullied.
Yes friends bullied, I was bullied.
And the only reason I can admit this today is because I realize the great impact those few years had on my life, I realize that in a big way that was the fire that forged me.

Today strong willed determined and fearless you will often hear me say “do as you please” or “its your life its up to you to live it” or something equally prone to self fulfillment sell motivation and self gratification. And while I advocate this independent way of life the fact that other human beings influence us more than we dare believe.

The fact is easily illustrated too.
I always say that its great to be Lee, cos I just don’t give a fuck.
This for the most part is true but if I really didn’t care what people think I would have a blue streak in my hair tattoos on my hands a nose ring and black nails.
As it stands however I wake up in the morning don the heels and the dress that is most likely to churn the stomachs of my male client base into making me stinking rich.

Our definition of success and happiness are defined by the parameters society sets.
The houses we own the cars we drive the company keep each aspect scrutinized and measured against what is and what isn’t acceptable to everybody other than ourselves

I try hard too keep other people out of my business and not ask for advice.
But when problems start with song lyrics and words like “I don’t know… for the first time in my life I don’t know” Google is very little help

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jan said...

atacking peoples insecurities... yet you have so many ?