Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Battles of dogs and power

Be kind for surely, everybody you meet is fighting a great battle.
I have been given a lot of crackpot advice in my life, and I have gotten on perfectly well by ignoring most of it.
People are always willing to give advice.
Walk up to anybody in the office right now present them with a problem and hear them go.
My reaction to this is always the same.
I listen intently, make agreeable noises, offer a watered down opinion and then go off and do exactly as I please.
My reluctance to listen to the endless drone of people who have no intention of helping you but cant pass up the opportunity to listen to themselves sound superior does however not stop me from taking good advice when it does cross my path.
And the words “be kind for surely, everyone you meat is fighting a great battle” Is good advice.

You might think it an exaggeration.
After all from where you’re standing some battles are barely fights.
But think for a moment, what is the greatest battle in your life at the moment.
It my be coming to terms with a death, fighting an illness, coming to terms with your place in life, an unhappy marriage, financial worries or simply passing an exam.

For some the greatest battle is waking up in the morning.

Few of us realize that it is not the epic proportion that makes our battles and our problems great but rather the power, the energy and emotion that we devote to them.

We hear of crimes of passion every day, we shake our heads roll our eyes and say “it seems a silly thing to kill for”
We blame suicide on the weak selfish attitudes of a person who was unwilling to deal with their problems.
But we never consider how much of themselves these people have given to their problems.

Our new age culture teaches us to be in touch with our emotions without teaching us how to deal with our emotions.
It teaches us how to become more emotionally in tune human beings without warning us about the limitless power our emotions have over us.

Truly our problems are great.
One might do well never to underestimate them.
But we may choose to feed our battles on the fear the anger the heart ace and jealousy that is the casualty of any battle.
Or we may choose to retaliate with compassion optimism and revelation.

So today on “wish I had listened Wednesday” I want to leave you with three pieces of advice that I have been using every day for the past three weeks.
The first being the phrase mentioned above: “be kind for surely, everyone you meet is fighting a great battle”
The seconds is “great power is having the ability ruin you and choosing not to” and the third:
Within us we each have two dogs, one is good and the other is evil, if these to dogs were to attack one another, which dog would win?....the one you fed the most”

Today I want you to be kind because those who hurt you are probably hurting themselves and have been feeding the wrong dog all their lives.

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