Monday, January 07, 2008

What I did this weekend

I know that its Tuesday and what I did on the weekend is irrelavant, but I was only able to read blogs yesterday.
You will also notice all my new side bar toys.
Blogger has allowed me to post more page elements so I am putting as many as possible up before blogger changes its mind.
Tell me if my blog is taking to long to load now please


angel said...

ooh looks like fun!
my family likes doing that too... so do we get to see your targets?

Lady Black said...

Hope the target wasnt alive cos yous peeps arent blending man

Szarek(Will) said...

The target was a squrrel(or how ever you spel it)...a metal one...and you all might just wana know...Lee was the best shot on the day...

BTW how doe you guys like my boxers? it was 16:00 in the afternoon...i slept late cause i watched NFL

Lady Black said...

Hoox man.
did you hear Mc Carthy is pushing for Brett Favre to retire!
his shit stupid but an avarage of 7.8 yards on a pass atempt sits good with me.
who you support Will?

Nosjunkie said...

who did what to who....
I know nothing about football except what I need to to sound clued up infront of Will.

Your boxers look tight if I may say so and that is not slang okay

Szarek(Will) said...

Yeah well he should...jeez ok he did have one of his best seasons ever...but he must

Im a
BTW I hate the pats

Simply Curious said...

The page doesn't take too long to load, but that honking noise that you virtual pet makes got really annoying while I was backtracking through posts that I'd missed.