Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Song for a beloved (The widows grief)

And so the end now draws near
Those hopes
Those dreams
Wrapped now in the silver chains of menace

The end draws closer
Minuets draw slower their life
And above
the moon weeps for her

The end hath come
And yet days do not cease
Lunar and solar displayed are their glory each in turn
And darkness consumes this soul
Open wounds ooze their malignant spoils

The end has blanketed the mind in black mist and fear
There are ashes in the roses
And a future burnt with them
There are ashes in the roses
Death given
to life

But lo...
Somewhere she weeps
Her eyes have shadows now
Caught and held in desolation she does not understand
Taken from her soul
Cut from her flesh
And bled from her body
The recognition of herself in another


Gremlin said...

mmmmmm me like.

lee said...

you would its dark and morbid

Gremlin said...

HAHA What you treing to say???

lee said...

your morbid and dark

Gremlin said...

But yet more romantic and have more love than those aren't...

Well my name fits my personallity...

SaM-GiRL said...

Very nice is a bit morbid and sad yes....but it has a certain beauty to it.

DarkWing said...

WTF !!!!

Where the hell is my little psycho bitch of mine ...



is there an echo in here