Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Its not all black

I learnt a lot yesterday, I also found that all my preconceived ideas about Goths were wrong.
I have a new perspective now, as more myths are dispelled.
I like many, believed that Goth was a form of religion, I also feared these people because of the way they looked.
Now however I have found That Goths are no more then a group of people who have been rejected by society because they don't fear the taboo, because they want to talk about and debate the things that are socially unacceptable.
they are basically a group of rebels and this I can relate to.
As far as the religion bit goes; I found a web site dedicated to christian Goths. Religion has nothing to do with the Gothic life style and your religious persuasions is, ultimately, your business.
And while I have found much literature that defines the culture as a life style based on morbidity I am convinced that it cant be narrowed down to just that.
We all have a bit of an obsession with the dark under belly of the world, The popularity of movies such a underworld and Queen of the damned proof this.
On the flip side however I also believe that these movies are commercialising a movement of Fad Goths who know nothing more about Goth culture than what society has told them (which a very twisted outlook).
As far as the clothing is concerned; I am sure every chick in creation wishes she was brave enough to appear in public in full on under world leathers.
So perhaps there's a little Goth in all of us


etain_lavena said...

Well Said.

Marra said...

Wow...if I lived closer to Gauteng, I would have bought you flowers and delivered it to Grem to give to you.

But ok your not a girly type so it would have been some bling-bling for your car. Your honesty is refreshing like a mid spring breeze...This is a general idea but well done!

Can I link to your blog on my mine?

Lee said...

No problem Marra
ONLY if I may link you
Thanks by the way.

Gremlin said...

Yeah the beauty in the dark....

Marra said...

Yes you may!!! And no need to thank me. I don't have to say what I say...I say it because I want to and I'm thankful of what you say and how you say it.

Keep it shining!

Marra said...

GRem u confuse me boet...totally...But I like it. Where's your new blog?

Gremlin said...

Blog is there... Why Do I confuze you?

Stiffla said...


Gremlin said...

LOL dit pas nogals met jou ass

Lee said...