Thursday, February 01, 2007

The unlikely Beautifull

I Bitch a lot
I know this
I have put on my big girl panties and dealt with the fact that I am the hanus bitch of the origination world.
But today I plan to shock the world by admitting that I recently had an aaaaaaag sweeet moment.

Two of the woman in our office are very pregnant, so naturally the whole office have googled their fingers to the bone for baby names and baby cloths and baby brickabrack......
Myself excluded naturally.
I love babies ,granted, but in my opinion there are enough cars and helter-scelter littering the net to keep me occupied long enough that I don't have time to ponder pudding faced fetuses.

And then it happened
One of the girls brought in her sonar photographs in and I when puppy eyed.
There he was little "Dante" (or at least that's what his name is this week) floating like and astronaut in space, waiting for his giant leap.
I realised then that despite the fact that "pregnant girl" has swollen feet and a bad temper now (oh and she still spends so much time in the loo that I have considered moving her telephone there) come the middle of May she will be a great part of little miracle, and in this way the swollen belly that she curses everyday is beautifully.

Now all of a sudden I have been bombarded by the unlikely beautifully.
The sudden friendships I have formed with people that I have never met, the sudden friendships that I have formed with my co-workers due to the fact that they need a rock.

there are thousands of silly little things that I have seen and that people have said that strike me as nice or pretty in the most ironic ways.

What have you guys seen recently that's beautifully?


Anonymous said...

you ;)


Dan said...

Lee, I just knew you had a sweet, gooey center! ;)

Beautiful things I've seen recently? For starters, you in that photo in the upper right corner.

Also, I saw someone give a little kid a free treat at the grocery store last night. I won't soon forget that little kid's smile.

Gremlin said...

Whahahahahaha @Pumkin Eater...
You don't know what your letting your self in to...

mmmmm lets think... besides girls... A cute litle fragile snake.... A Doge Ram have to say WOW. And a face expretion that was just great...

Nosjunkie said...

@Pumpkin Dan thanks guys

@Dan yes my friend I am like one of those dark chocolate bon-bons, Bitter on the outside and gooey and sticky on the inside

@Grem, That snake was not fragile my friend at its age it could hospitalise you, not kill you but hospitalise you
I am so glad we dragged you away from the damn thing
before we hade a more lethalversion of the worm incident

Donsie said...

Lee, ek moet se jy het my verbaas vandag... Ek dink ek like jou elke keer as jy blog meer... ons moet kuier!!!

Nosjunkie said...

Ag thanks Dons

En ek moet se as jy reg is dan is jy reg.
Ons moet kuier, blogger party gooi.

Marra said...

Hmmm...ek het vir u 'n mediese rekeking om te betaal. Want groot skok het 'n groot toon laat kraak en enkel vieslik laat swik. Jy kan mos nie so gedaante veranderende gebeurtenis net blog innie publiek nie.

Nou moet ek ander stoel kry. ;-) Wel enige iets moederlik het die goeie gawe om my hart te verklein. Kom ons gaan moer iets net om weer die tough cookie terug te kry.

Anonymous said...

ello, so u gotten my details from sam?

@gremlin u betta be careful b4 i shine some light on u.

Anonymous said...

o yea its me pumkinEater

Nosjunkie said...

hey pumpkin add me on MSN details are on my profile thingi sam aint here boy

JR's Thumbprints said...

Beauty is when some incident, some crisis, or some shared belief or moment, brings the people around us together, such as your coworker's pregnancy.

etain_lavena said...

Ahhhh lee, thats so kewl.
Well I was very much like you, until my sister had the belly and I would see the baby's little foot pushing against her tummy...wonderful.
Now I see Litlle Zhanteze every week, and no matter how grumpy she is, she smiles at me....she is now 1year and 4 months...and she is beyond beuatiful.

Sunny Gecko said...


She is the most beautiful i have ever seen. shes four and a half months has 1 tooth (recent addition) and im amazed when i look at her. she takes my breath away

SaM-GiRL said...

Really nice Lee! Whether youre a bitch, or gooey, youre still great.