Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday moments of reflection

Its monday again, and I am about to start petitioning the 4 day work week.
Nothing at the salt mine has changed, other than Prozak, who is teaching herself the fine art of bullshit.
I anticipate that the status quo may not change unless I can somehow spike the water cooler with vodka...
This I suppose is my life.
I have almost finished my book and I dread the last page. I always do... ending a book means that I have to pay attention to the real world... since there are no antimatter terorist attacs to rescue the vatican from in the real world I always end up mildly disapointed.
I plan to use the above as an excuse for teaching myself to play PC games... yes I fear that the darkside may be strong with me.
Speaking of the darkside... they did it again.
Darth (Stiffla) arranged another LAN night and I was surprised to see that the geek comunity that invaded my tranquil home on a regular basis had mushroomed and before I could whipe the shit from my eyes there were no less than 8 PC set up in my living room.
They took all of 11 minutes to transform my organised little world into a NASA controll room.
They played counter strike or something like that
I shot at Stiffla
Having not yet satisfied my new craving for first person shooter thingies I joined in when they started Serius sam
I Shot at Stiffla (they give you bigger guns in this game so I shot at him alot)
Then they told me that since I was on Stifflas team I could not shoot him
I told them that I was board and whent outside to look after the braai fire

Oh yes valintines day is coming up.
So as of tomorrow I plan to post nothing but depressing things in contempt for this pointless day.
I also baught Stiffla a knife for valintines day and gave it to him early in protest
HAHAHAHA eat that st Valintine

I will post the pics of the weekend on the other blog tomorrow because stiffla has been screwing with my computer, I now have a 2gig thingamajig with 80meg of hard drive (I think) that can circum navigate the globe in one foul swoop and make the hublle whatseface look like a dinki dino, Unfortunatly however my wonder PC doesnt have the camera software loaded yet.
I plan not to feed Stffla for a while and then bribe him into action with a piece of potatoe.
Sooner or later thet bugger will load what I need onto the pc and then do what I need him to with the software stuffies

Viva la Geeecks

I have also been checking Grems blog every five minutes for news on his weekend he needs potatoe treatment too

Am I talking shit....?
Damn better give you guys something to comment on
Okay in the comments tell me what you did with your weekend, what your fav PC game is or bash Valintines day

Peace out peeps


Stiffla said...

Yes ... another fun filled wknd ...

BTW... 2gb Ram and bigger hdd (Hard Drive) ... hehehe EXTREME GEEKNESS !!!

Lee said...

What eva

etain_lavena said...

OOO me gosh, how I hate Valentine's day.....hate it!...ok now that I am over that.
I was in front of my PC the entire weekend, writing while my friends were sucking face with their guys.....geeks need love too!....hihihi....fav game, not much into PC gaming...I know I will get addicted so I just stay away.

Revolving Credit said...

You had a whole herd of geeks in your house and didn't manage to get your camera software installed.

Just tell them that you have naked pics of yourself or a friend/colleague on the camera you need to download, but can't cause no software's install.

Trust me, no software could ever be installed faster. :)

Gremlin said...

WHAHAHAHAHA @ Revolving...

Yeah Strange that I never know about these LAN party's.... I wonder why...
Hay Lee Tomorrow You will hear some things of my wonderfull weekend. It was a Blast but now I have to log off and go to bed... I NEED SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP

JR's Thumbprints said...

My weekend included being banished to the basement, where I could watch the SuperBowl uninterrupted. These LAN parties seem very sophisticated and interesting BTW.

Nosjunkie said...

@Etain the soul of a writer is a tortured one let them suck head you need the pain

@revolving HAHA I will keep that in mind not a bod idee at all

@Grem Jou gat My skat. You were away for the weekend an I doubt that you would have cancelled to hang out with us

@JR. Stiffla would have done anything to be in your basement with you, His the only South African who has little interast in Rugby and a hell of a lot in American Football
The LAN nights are fun but geeeecky

SaM-GiRL said...

ummm, I know this is going to sound pathetic, but my favourite pc game is "Sims 2".... I love how you can control them...and i Kill them sometimes.....*blush* Mostly play it to design my own house, and decorate it my way!

Donsie said...

I hate valentines day. Waste of money if you tell me. If you cant show your loved one you love him every day of the year, you can somma just leave it.
PC Games. Doom 3 must be the best as this stage.. Silent Hill 3 on computer not bad. Hell I could go on and on and on...
Lee did you hear that Sidney Sheldon is dead?

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Well, Valentines Day is reviled in other countries, too. Wow. Do you guys have a big card company like Hallmark that makes money hand over fist on VD? I buy a bunch of FINDING NEMO or SCOOBY-DOO grade school type Valentines for two dollars and mail them out to my editors and friends. Some of them don't even get real Valentines. Glad to know it is a much hated day possibly worldwide. There should be some kind of poll taken.

Marra said...

Hmmm, my fav game for while is Pain Killer. Your a soul between Heaven and Hell, and Gabriel recruit you for Him to take out Satan and his generals. And then there's Doom 3 without the add-ons. F.E.A.R. is pretty kewl too.

Valentine's day is kewl. But the pressure society creates is crazy. Luckily I'm not superficial. Once I bought roses for R900. But yeah then I was a hopeless romantic. Now I'm just a romantic. ;-)

Lee, at least you have space for a NASA control room. In CPT, I can only afford to rent someone's 1M by 1M out-house.

Nosjunkie said...

@Sam I havent tried Sims yet but thats no big surprise

@Donsie I actually heard this thismorning and I am ashamed to say that I have not read a single one of his books

@Wyane We have a HALLMARk here, and yes valintines day is all about their bottom line

@Marra I hear you, our old flat had a bathroom so small that if you farted in there youd get a concusion

Odat said...

I love the new bunny!!! Very cool.
I watched the superbowl and ate..but played pc games...a lil midler than yours, like backgammon and
A knife huh? how cool!

etain_lavena said...

Ja the poet needs the pain...boohoo, cry me a freaken river.
En Wayne dude se dankie vir comment op sy blog!

Don said...

Weekend. Got absolutely blazed and hammered at Harties for the lady's birthday.

So rad.

Tamaryn said...

All I have to say is...I'm so over it.....

all of it...i just want to crawl under my bed and stay there til it's all over...

Claudia said...

weekend? there was weekend?? Seems like I blinked and missed it....oh in the US it was Superbowl--an unofficial american national holiday but I don't follow (american) football so while everyone was watching the game, I relaxed a bit. Valentine's day bites the big one...good for you.

Arlene said...

I used to get excited for Valentine's Day, for purely selfish reasons. This year, not so much. I think I'll just be bitter!

I'm glad your 'puter is better than ever :-) Being a geek can be a good time ;-)

I LOVE reading, and for the very reason you said: don't have to deal with reality!!!!!

Phlippy said...

LoL - enjoy reading your blog, stumbled across it this morning, good value. Now onto Gremlins blog to see what happens there. Have a good one