Wednesday, November 26, 2008

bottels are safe

On more than occasion I have been called cold. I have been told that I bottel things up, that I should talk about it.
It was only recently that I realised that everybody was right. I do internalise things. No I dont talk about how I feel and yes I do bottel things up. And this is how I realised that a sleeping dragon in the earths core is less distructive than a rampant fire breathing bitch on the surface.

Yes people I did it.
I started talking about it, and every time I voiced a fear a concern a need a want it stripped away my armour and left me vulnerable.
It seems that tears weeken the spine.

I stew when I talk about anger, I may be slightly annoyd but by the time I have talked about it my anger would feed the fires of hell.
Sadness verbalised can drive me to suicide and I will not event begin to discribe the desadter braught of by verbalising a crush.

I am not gonna talk about this.
My lesoon was hard learnt. when I say leave me the Fuck alone do yourself a favour leave me the fuck alone.
next year is a new begining and I have a few scores to settle.

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