Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Whats Weird

I have been tagged by Val and I am now charged with sharing my quircks with the world (I call them quircks Stiffla calls them "definate sighnes of a dead hamster and an abandon wheel"). So here it goes 6 weird things about me:

1) I giggle like a little girl: I never grew out of it and when I really open my mouth and laugh you can hear my from miles away. Stiffla and Grem say I sound like a pin ball machine.

2)I cant stand not having an opinion about stuff: You know you get those things that just dont have enough impact on your life to bother having an opinion about... wel I dont have things like that....I need to have an opinion about everything or els it will bother me untill I formulate an opinion.

3)I love salt and lemon juice, I always seem to be drowning my food in one or the other, last night infact, I so craved sour stuff that I mixed lemon and salt and ended up eating it as is!

4) I am an enless source of useless information..... you think you be traveling in the car listening to a song or watching the scenery and suddenly the serenity will be broken by "hey guys did you know" at which point everybody rolls their eyes at me.

5) I've said this before but I think it needs a space in the quirck section. I sing Chritmas carols, and I sing them all year long, while I cook in the shower while I work and I dont care who hears me.

6)I am killer afaid of needels. and when I say this I mean I go all psyco about it. I know in the small bit of my brain that is responsible for logical thought that getting a shot is not painfull, but the thought of being used as a glorified pin cushion freacks me out.

So thats it then. six of the things that make me weirder than you. but it all doesnt end here. I tag Sammy. Sammy write down six thinks thats wierd about you and then pass it on sothat we will have a perpetual chain of wierdos blogging the globe


123Valerie said...

Lee, honey, I understand your need for sour/savory things--I have not sweet tooth. My Mom always said your body craves what it needs: vitamin c, potassium, iodine and sulfur, in your case.

Try a chicken piccata recipe--it has all of the flavors gals like us need.

Thanks for playing along, sweet girl!

Marra said...

Whats weird is that almost enything that's suppose to make you feel better, hurts you first. I love needles...I love the feeling of one sinking in my skin.

But I can't stand any drugs...Not even headache pills. Oh I do drink them when I can't stand the pain anymore...but it's a while, believe me. I'll drink herbal shite. herbal shite...the good shite...hahahaha
My folks had to both tackle me to drink cough syrup. I'll never "force feed" another living thing in my life!

Sunny Gecko said...

Hmmm... i love lemon and put salt on everything. lol... i love lemon in coke.. changes the whole taste. im also a lover of Tequila....

Lee said...

you should chat to grem Gecko.
you guys know what was really weird, is the fact that it took me ages to think of wierd stuff, but on any other day I would be able to keep you bussy four hours with stuff thats weird aboiut me

Sunny Gecko said...

hmmm.... really should i!
it is strange how that works... lol its almost like when you wanna remember a movie or song and at that specific moment you just forget... lol i hate it when that happens

Anonymous said...

Will post blog as soon as my upgrading has finished, then ill tag somebody else. Busy with the "beta" blog thing, its taken all morning so far dammit!! lol.

etain_lavena said...

Ag dis funny leekie,
Laat ek my studies so hal en half gebruik om jou te help: AKA Dr BOK.

Here are three main preparatory routes to the pain management problems posed by needlephobia:
1. Providing information - medical staff, friends and parents can all make a difference by making the patient fully aware of what is going to occur and the reasons why. For a child, it is best to explain in very simple terms what is going to happen.
2. Coping strategies - distraction techniques can really help. For example, you could take along a child's favourite toy, teddy or dolly. Reading a book can help (musical books or pop-ups work especially well with young children). You could also try singing songs, counting to ten or using toys that use the child's other hand or arm. Obviously, taking teddy may not be applicable for adults.
3. Topical anaesthetic preparations - numbing the nerves before needle procedures, such as venepuncture or venous cannulation. These topical anaesthetics have been used in hospitals for many years and are often known as "magic cream".

The use of a topical anaesthetic preparation can have a profound influence upon a child’s experience of needle procedures and can play a major part in preventing development of needlephobia.
POK sien nou dis vir kidies...o well Leekie....use it don't use it....hihihih

cathrine the gr8 said...

lee your no.2 sounds just like me!!
must say your wierd things are normal. i'm trying to think of any thing ... mmmm i too weird to even remember any of mine!

Donsie said...

Ek dink daar is niks mee fout om jou teddie saam te neem hospitaal toe nie. Maak nie saak hoe oud jy is nie, al moet teddie in jou sak wegkruip. :-)
Ek nog kind binne my. Hou van my kinder stories, my harry potter boeke en kan nie sonder my teddie slaap nie, ek dink dit is wat my weird maak

Matt said...

i love how this chainmail got so far around the world!

Anonymous said...

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